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Photo: Boosey & Hawkes
HK Gruber in Reportage aus Gomorra, Vienna Festival 1976

Gruber, HK

Gomorra (1990-91)

Duration: 130 minutes
A musical spectacle in a prologue, seven scenes and an epilogue

Libretto by Richard Bletschacher (G)

major roles: S,M,dramT,2T,Bar,dramB,B,2 speakers,silent role minor roles: min.4(SATB), max.20 (5S,5A,5T,5B) can be drawn from chorus chorus; dancers; actors; 2(I,II=picc).2.2(II=bcl,Ebcl).tsax(=asax).2(II=dbn)-*/cowbells*/t.bells*).perc(2):glsp*/t.bells/ SD/BD/5tom-t/2susp.cym/hi-hat/3cowbells/Chin.cym/splash cym/2 bongos/ tamb/whip/crowcall/minimum of 4 musical boxes with stopping devices/wind machine/paper bag/Javanese gong in E/lg drum*/lg Chin.tam-t*/sizzle cym/large metal petrol can/ sm Chin.tam-t/glsp*/xylorimba/vib/marimba/chromatic cowbells*/cyms/tamb/vibraslap/ swing rattle/tgl/lion's roar/cast/flexatone/large drum*/large Chin.tam-t*/minimum of 4 musical boxes with stopping devices/crowcall/lg thundersheet/whip/sandpaper blocks/guiro/large metal petrol can/rattle-pft(=synth)-elec.bass gtr-strings (min. * Percussion instruments that can be shared between players. Orchestral musicians also play additional instruments, including mouth-organs, swanee whistles and large metal petrol cans Pre-recorded tape: speaker with megaphone-picc.cl- SD/large drum/cyms Toy instruments (excl. oil cans) available on hire with materials
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World Premiere
Volksoper, Wien
Mike Fields, director
Conductor: HK Gruber
Company: Volksoper Wien


THE REPRESENTATIVE of a higher powerSilent role
GOSCHEK, the presenterTenor
ROCHUS GERWALT, the fire officerHeldenbaritone
VALENTINA, his daughterMezzo-Soprano
AUGUSTIN, a freelance writer for the 'Public Opinion' newspaperBaritone
FLITZER, a photographer for 'Public Opinion'Tenor
MUELLER-MACHENSCHAFFT, chief editor of 'Public Opinion'Bass
HILARIUS, an arsonistTenor
NOTBURGA, manager of a rest cure homeSpoken role
AN OLD WOMANSpoken role
4 callers
4 fire lighters
4 envoys
4 fire officers
4 spongers
Citizens of GomorraChorus (SATB)

Time and Place
The city of Gomorra


The city of Gomorra is visited by the Representative of a Higher Power. The authorities try to create for him a picture of possessions peacefully enjoyed. But a group of pyromaniacs take advantage of the spectacular occasion to bring into the open their opposition to the oppressive regime of the Fire Brigade. The city is first set alight and then flooded, whereat the Representative of the Higher Power escapes in a helicopter. A young couple, Augustin and Gwendolyn, are too wrapped up in each other to pay much attention to public affairs. Like invulnerable sleepwalkers, they alone escape the general destruction.
Richard Bletschacher

Comic, Romantic

Contemporary, Environment, Ethics, Society

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Heinz Karl Gruber / London MOB Ensemble
EMI CLASSICS 7243 5 56441 21

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