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Strauss, Richard

Intermezzo (1919-23)

Duration: 120 minutes
A domestic comedy with symphonic interludes in two acts

Libretto by the composer (G,E,I)

Major roles: dramS,lyrT,Bar; minor roles: S,T,2Bar,B small roles: S,Bar,2mimes(boy and girl) 2(II=picc).2(II=corA).2(II=bcl).2- 2bells-pft-harp-harm-strings(
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This work is available from Boosey & Hawkes for all countries except Germany, Italy, Portugal, Danzig, and the former territories of the USSR.

World Premiere
Sächsisches Staatstheater Opernhaus, Dresden
Conductor: Fritz Busch
Company: Dresden State Opera


ROBERT STORCH, a composerBaritone
CHRISTINE, his wifeSoprano
ANNA, the chambermaidSoprano
STROH, a conductor, and skat partner of StorchTenor
A COMMERCIAL COUNCILLOR, and skat partnerBaritone
A JUSTIZRAT, and skat partnerBaritone
A KAMMERSANGER, and skat partnerBass
FRANZL, the Storch's sonBoy, spoken role
Young girl, Chambermaid, Housemaid etcsilent roles

Time and Place
Grundlsee and Vienna, the 1920s

The composer Storch is leaving for a conducting tour, and his wife Christine helps him pack, arguing and nagging along the way. Seeking relief from lonelinesss she goes toboganning and collides with a skier, a young Baron who befriends her. They dance together at a ball and she arranges for him to lodge in the house of her notary. The friendship is soured when the Baron asks Christine for financial assistance. She opens a letter, supposedly for her husband, from a lady arranging an assignation. She immediately telegrams Storch demanding they part for ever. In tears, she seeks solace in her son's bedroom but he defends his father. Storch is playing skat with friends in Vienna when the telegram arrives, and is bewildered by the accusations. Stroh, a conductor friend, admits that he knows the lady and surmises that his and Storch's surnames must have been confused. Christine visits the notary to demand a divorce, but he is unwilling to pursue the matter. She sends the Baron to Vienna to gather evidence of infidelity. Packing to leave, she receives a telegram from her husband saying that Stroh will explain the misunderstanding. Even after Stroh's visit she is reluctant to accept the truth.Storch returns home, and an argument ensues. The Baron arrives with evidence that Stroh rather than Storch had indeed known the lady and Christine dismisses him, assured that her husband is blameless. Storch forgives her anger and teases her about her dalliance with the Baron. Husband and wife declare a renewed love.


Relationships, Music/Arts

Recommended Recording
Lucia Popp, Philipp Brammer, Dietrich Fischer-Dieskau, Gabriele Fuchs, Adolf Dallapozza, Klaus Hirte, Gudrun Greindl-Rosner, Martin Finke, Raimund Grumbach, Jörn W Wilsing, Kurt Moll, Elisabeth Woska, Erika Rüggeberg, Erika Rüggeberg, Karin Hautermann, Bavarian Radio Symphony Orchestra, Wolfgang Sawallisch
EMI CDS7493372

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