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d'Albert, Eugen

Mareike von Nymwegen (1922)

(Mareike of Nymwegen)
Duration: 120 minutes
Legend play in three acts, with prologue and epilogue

Libretto by Herbert Alberti, based on old Dutch motives (G)

Major roles: S,T,Bar; Minor roles: 5S,A,3T,Bar,6B; actors; mimes; chorus; 3(III=picc).2.corA.3(III=bcl).3(III=dbn)-; on-stage: hn-perc:bells
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This work is available from Boosey & Hawkes for the world.

World Premiere
Stadttheater, Hamburg
Company: unknown


MAREIKE von NymwegenSoprano
LUCIAN, named Lukas der GelderTenor
The BishopBass
A BeggarSoprano
The Old beggarBass
The Young beggarTenor
The ReaderBass
The SacristanBass
Two NunsSoprano, Alto
Two Female citizensSopranos
Two Male citizensBasses
A GirlSoprano
A ChildAlto
The Death; The Devil; The Supplicant; Luxuria; The Moor; The Paramouractors
Spirits from hellmimes
Topers and girls, monks and nuns, citizens, city soldiers

Time and Place
The Netherlands around the middle of the 16th century

Mortally ill, Lucian arrives at the convent of the ‘Converted Sinners’ in Maastricht. While other beggars are poised to chase him away, he tells them his life’s story.

Back in Antwerpen, Mareike entertains her guests by dancing. Once a plain peasant girl, she now lives off Arnaut – in keeping with her maxim that she would even sell her soul to the devil for money and pleasure if need be. One day, the famous Lukas von Gelder enters her house to ask for a jar of water. Mareike realises that he is Lucian, the love of her youth, who once rejected her to join a group of friars travelling the country as wandering minstrels. Unable to resist her this time, he spends the night with her.

In the morning, Lucian is not ready to perform since sacred musicians are sworn to chastity. Not only does Mareike accuse him of considering their love a sin, he is also provoked by the devilish Arnaut. He decides to play nonetheless. Mareike is enraptured by the performance, a play about the conversion of the sinner Luxuria. Crying out loud to God to beg for mercy, she suddenly falls to the ground. When Lucian hurries towards her to help, Arnaut reveals Lucian’s perjury to the appalled crowd.

Hounded down by the people, Lucian seeks refuge at Mareike’s house. In the meantime, however, Mareike has made up her mind to enter a convent. Misconstrueing her refusal to escape with him, Lucian falls is enraged and stabs Arnaut, taking him to be his rival in love.
Several years later, the annunciation made on Mareike’s entry to the convent is fulfilled: namely, that she would live to see the end of her constant penance, and that, should Lucian find her again of his own accord, both would receive God’s forgiveness.



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