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Smetana, Bedrich

The Bartered Bride (1863-66, rev.1870)

(Prodana nevesta / Die verkaufte Braut)

Duration: 125 minutes

Comic opera in three acts

English   Deutsch  

Libretto by Karel Sabina; German adaptation by Max Kalbeck; new German translation by Walter Felsenstein (Cz,E,G)


3S,M,4T,Bar,2B,children; chorus; ballet; 2.picc.2.2.2-; On-stage: picc-tpt-perc:SD/BD/cyms

Abbreviations (PDF)


This work is available from Boosey & Hawkes for the world.

World Premiere
National Theatre, Prague
Company: Unknown

World premiere of version
Company: Unknown


KRUSCHINA, a peasant Character Baritone
KATHINKA, his wife Lyric Soprano
MARIE, their daughter Dramatic Soprano
MICHA, landowner Bass
AGNES, his wife Mezzo Soprano
WENZEL, their son Buffo Tenor
HANS, Micha's son from his first marriage Lyric Tenor
KEZAL, marriage broker Bass
SPRINGER, director of a group of wandering artists Character Tenor
ESMERALDA, dancer Soubrette Soprano
MUFF, a comedian disguised as a Red Indian Tenor
TWO BOYS speaking roles
Villagers, Equestrians

Time and Place

A large village in Bohemia in the middle of the 19th century


Hans consoles the sad Marie Kruschina, who is supposed to marry Wenzel, the son of the rich landowner Micha, against her will. Hans vows fidelity to her, but does not tell her that he is Micha's son from his first marriage and that he went away because of his evil stepmother Agnes years ago. Defiantly Marie vows before her parents and the marriage broker Kezal, who has brought about the liaison, that she will not accept anybody as her husband except Hans. Kezal, who fears for his share of the dowry, tries to persuade Hans to abandon Marie. Hans agrees against an indemnity of 300 guldens and under the condition that Marie may only marry the son of the peasant Micha. Kezal, who is not aware that Micha has got another son, accepts. When Marie is informed of the deal, Hans no longer exists for her. At last he tells her about his identity and the game he played with Kezal, but she only believes him when Micha, too, recognizes Hans to be his son and embraces him.


Poetic, Romantic


Relationships, Society

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