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...concertante… - violin, viola & orchestra (score) (Editio Musica Budapest) $45.98Add to basket
12 Microludes Playing Score (Editio Musica Budapest)$9.14Add to basket
6 Moments Musicaux, op. 44 for string quartet (playing score) (Editio Musica Budapest) $24.49Add to basket
6 Pieces Tbn/Piano (Editio Musica Budapest)$9.98Add to basket
8 Duos Z4492 (Editio Musica Budapest)$7.60Add to basket
8 Pieces For Vn/cimbalom (Editio Musica Budapest)$10.73Add to basket
Attila Jozsef - Fragments (full score) (Editio Musica Budapest)$32.16Add to basket
Az hit... - cello (Universal Edition)$13.74Add to basket
Bagatellek (Editio Musica Budapest)$7.60Add to basket
Brefs Messages, op. 47 for small ensemble (score) (Editio Musica Budapest) $12.27Add to basket
Eight Duets, op. 4 for violin & cimbalom (Editio Musica Budapest) $7.60Add to basket
Einige Sätze - soprano & double bass (Editio Musica Budapest) $13.74Add to basket
Einige Satze Aus Den Sudelbuchern (Editio Musica Budapest)$24.55Add to basket
Einige Sätze aus den Sudelbüchern Georg Christoph Lichtenbergs - soprano & double bass (Editio Musica Budapest) $24.55Add to basket
Giochi (Jatekok) - Fascicolo I (Ricordi)$29.02Add to basket
Herdecker Eurythmie Ii Violin /vce Z12534 (Boosey & Hawkes)$7.60Add to basket
Herdecker Eurythmie Iii Vce Z12535 (Editio Musica Budapest)$7.60Add to basket
Herdecker Eurythmie op. 14b, part 2 - violin & tenor lyre (score) (Editio Musica Budapest) $7.60Add to basket
Herdecker Eurythmie op. 14b, part 3 - speaking voice & tenor lyre (score) (Editio Musica Budapest) $7.60Add to basket
Hölderlin-Gesänge, op. 35a - baritone, trombone & tuba (facsimile) (Editio Musica Budapest) $23.01Add to basket
Hommage a András Mihály, op. 13 for string quartet (playing score) (Editio Musica Budapest) $9.14Add to basket
Hommage a Jacob Obrecht - string quartet (playing score) (Editio Musica Budapest) $10.73Add to basket
Hommage a R. Schumann, op. 15d for clarinet (also bass drum), viola & piano (playing score) (Editio Musica Budapest) $19.88Add to basket
Hommage a Robert Schumann, Op. 15d (Editio Musica Budapest)$19.88Add to basket
Játékok VIII (Games) for 2 pianos / piano 4-hands (Editio Musica Budapest) $24.55Add to basket
Jatekok vol.1 Z8377 (Editio Musica Budapest)$20.73Add to basket
Jatekok vol.2 Z3589 (Editio Musica Budapest)$13.74Add to basket
Jatekok vol.3 Z8379 (Editio Musica Budapest)$18.35Add to basket
Jatekok vol.4 Z8380 (Editio Musica Budapest)$18.35Add to basket
Jatekok vol.5 for Piano (Editio Musica Budapest)$22.26Add to basket
Jatekok vol.6 Z14068 (Editio Musica Budapest)$22.26Add to basket
Jatekok vol.7 (Editio Musica Budapest)$22.26Add to basket
Kafka Fragments Op 24 (soprano & violin) (Editio Musica Budapest)$52.12Add to basket
Kafka-Fragmente Soprano/violin (Editio Musica Budapest)$52.12Add to basket
Klárisok - SATB (Editio Musica Budapest) $2.30Add to basket
Lebenslauf (Életút), op. 32 - 2 basset horns & 2 pianos (score & parts) (Editio Musica Budapest) $24.55Add to basket
Ligatura Message To Frances-Marie (Editio Musica Budapest)$9.14Add to basket
Little Fix Picc/trbn/guitar Z12020 (Editio Musica Budapest)$9.14Add to basket
Messages of the Late R. V. Troussova, op. 17 - soprano & chamber ensemble (score) (Editio Musica Budapest) $38.31Add to basket
Officium Breve String Quartet (Pocket Score) (Editio Musica Budapest)$11.51Add to basket
Omaggio a Luigi Nono Op. 16 (Editio Musica Budapest)$13.05Add to basket
Quartetto per archi, op. 1 - string quartet (study score) (Editio Musica Budapest) $9.98Add to basket
Quasi Una Fantasia Op. 27 (Full Score) Z13742 (Editio Musica Budapest)$27.62Add to basket
Quintetto per fiati, op. 2 - wind quintet (playing score) (Editio Musica Budapest) $19.88Add to basket
Requiem for the Beloved, op. 26 - soprano & piano (Editio Musica Budapest) $16.87Add to basket
S. K. Remembrance Noise Op. 12 Vce/ Violin Z79 (Editio Musica Budapest)$13.80Music Finder
S. K. Remembrance Noise, op. 12 for soprano & violin (score) (Editio Musica Budapest) $18.41Add to basket
Scenes from a Novel, op. 19 - soprano, violin, double bass & cimbalom (playing score) (Editio Musica Budapest) $30.63Add to basket
Seven Songs Op. 22 Vce&cimbalom Z12499 (Editio Musica Budapest)$10.67Add to basket
Signs Games & Messages (bass) (Editio Musica Budapest)$12.21Add to basket

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