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3 Pieces for cello & piano (Stainer & Bell)£5.50Add to basket
3 Spring Miniatures (Braydeston Press)£3.99Add to basket
6 Pieces For Piano (Kevin Mayhew)£9.99Add to basket
A Lyric Suite for Cello (Stainer & Bell)£5.95Add to basket
Air and Variations for Clarinet and Piano (Stainer & Bell)£5.95Add to basket
Benedictus For Vn & Org (Stainer & Bell)£6.95Add to basket
Born A King - A Christmas Cantata (Kevin Mayhew)£10.99Add to basket
Chamber music & songs (Hyperion Audio CD) (Select Music) £16.50
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Divine Compassion Cantata Ten/bar Solo C (Kevin Mayhew)£11.99Add to basket
Divine Compassion Lloyd Webber Cantata (Kevin Mayhew)£11.99Add to basket
Fantasy Trio for Violin, Cello and Piano (Stainer & Bell)£8.50Add to basket
Five Portraits For The Home Organ (Really Useful Music)£4.99Add to basket
Haunted Highway (Elkin)£1.40Music Finder
Lamourie Fair SSA (Banks)£1.95Add to basket
Mulberry Cottage and Sonatina (Peters Edition)£6.95Add to basket
Nocturne for Cello and Piano (Stainer & Bell)£5.25Add to basket
Prayer and Praise (Really Useful Music)£3.95Add to basket
Prayer and Praise (Really Useful Music)£7.95Add to basket
Prelude In C & Country Carol (Chappell)£3.50Add to basket
Saviour Vocal Score (Promenade Music)£9.95Add to basket
Scenes from Childhood (Kevin Mayhew)£6.99Add to basket
Serenade for Strings (Chandos Audio CD) (Select Music) £15.73
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Suite in F for trumpet & piano (Stainer & Bell)£7.50Add to basket
Summer Pastures for Horn and Piano (Stainer & Bell)£4.95Add to basket
The Chapel in the Valley, Book 2 (Stainer & Bell)£4.50Add to basket
The Gardens at Eastwell for Flute and Piano (Stainer & Bell)£4.50Add to basket
The Moon: a miniature for string orchestra (Spartan Press)£11.95Add to basket
Waltz in Emin for String Orchestra (Score & Parts) (Roberton)£20.95Add to basket
William Lloyd Webber Centenary Collection - Organ (Kevin Mayhew)£24.99Add to basket