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Jazz-Like(Partita) - Piano (Universal Edition)£14.95Add to basket
11 Inventions op. 36 - piano (Schott)£11.50Add to basket
5 Gesänge mit Klavier - voice & piano (Schott)£9.99Add to basket
5 Pieces for String Quartet - string quartet (score & parts) (Schott) £33.99Add to basket
Air and Gavotte - piano (Lengnick) £4.00Add to basket
Bass Nightingale for contrabassoon (Emerson) £5.50Add to basket
Bassnachtigall op. 38 - contrabassoon (Schott) £7.99Add to basket
Cadenzas for Beethoven piano concertos (Schott)£11.99Add to basket
Cello Sonata WV 35 - cello & piano (Schott) £16.50Add to basket
Chamber Music (BIS Audio CD) (Select Music) £15.73
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Concertino - flute, violin & double bass (Universal Edition)£24.95Add to basket
Concertino Flute/Viola/Double Bass (Pocket Score) (Philharmonia)£12.50Add to basket
Concerto - string quartet & wind band (study score) (Schott) £21.50Add to basket
Concerto Doppio WV 89 - flute & piano solo, string orchestra & 2 horns (study score) (Schott) £3.99Add to basket
Concerto op. 43 - piano reduction for 2 pianos (Schott)£20.99Add to basket
Concertos (Capriccio Audio CD) (Select Music) £15.99
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Die Wolkenpumpe Werk 40 - baritone with 4 wind instruments & percussion (score & parts) (Schott) £19.50Add to basket
Divertimento op. 14 WV 32 - string quartet (score & parts) (Schott) £27.95Add to basket
Divertissement - oboe, clarinet & bassoon (set of parts) (Schott) £16.50Add to basket
Divertissement WV 87 - oboe, clarinet & bassoon (score) (Schott) £13.50Add to basket
Flute Sonata (Chester Music)£16.95Add to basket
Funf Etudes Jazz - Piano (Universal Edition)£15.50Add to basket
Grande Valse in Ab - piano (Lengnick) £5.90Add to basket
Hot Music - 10 Syncopated Studies Piano G7 (Universal Edition)£11.95Add to basket
Hot Music (BIS Audio CD) (Select Music)£15.32Add to basket
Hot-Sonate for Alto Saxophone (Schott)£12.99Add to basket
Ironies Piano Duet (Schott)£14.99Add to basket
Jazz-inspired Works for Piano (Bärenreiter) £29.50
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Komunistický manifest WV 100 (vocal score) (Schott)£13.73Add to basket
Music for Piano op. 35 - piano (Schott)£10.50Add to basket
Piano Rarities: Erwin Schulhoff (Phoenix Edition Audio CD 2-disc set) (Select Music) £14.99
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Piano Works Vol 1 (Grand Piano Audio CD) (Select Music) £15.50
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Piano Works Vol. 2 (Grand Piano Audio CD) (Select Music) £15.99
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Sextet Parts (Bärenreiter) £26.95
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Sonata (Universal Edition)£10.95Add to basket
Sonata op. 22 - piano (Schott)£16.00Add to basket
Sonata WV 91 - violin & piano (Schott) £16.50Add to basket
Sonatas Nos. 1-3 for Piano (Bärenreiter) £27.50
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String Quartet No. 1 (Philharmonia Pocket Scores) (Universal Edition)£12.95Add to basket
String Quartet No. 1 (Set of Parts) (Universal Edition)£31.75Add to basket
String Quartet op. 25 WV 43 (score & parts) (Schott) £36.50Add to basket
String Quartets (Naxos Audio CD) (Select Music) £5.99
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String Sextet (Score) (Bärenreiter) £24.50
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Suite dansante en Jazz - piano (Eschig)£14.50Add to basket
Suite No. 3 WV 80 - piano (left hand) (Schott)£13.50Add to basket
Suite WV 18 - violin & piano (Schott) £14.95Add to basket
Susi Fox Song (in C, Bb or Eb & piano) (Schott)£7.50Add to basket
Symphony No.1/3 (CPO Audio CD) (Select Music) £9.50
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UE Jubilee Album - violin (Universal Edition)£13.95Add to basket
Violin Sonatas (Hyperion Audio CD) (Select Music) £15.50
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