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10 Preludes & Chanson Cello (Sikorski)£23.99Add to basket
Allegro Rustico/sounds Of The Forest Fl (Boosey & Hawkes/Sikorski)£27.99Add to basket
Bassoon Concerto (1975) Full Score (Sikorski)£45.99Add to basket
Dancer on a Tightrope (Der Seiltanzer) (Boosey & Hawkes/Sikorski)£25.99Add to basket
Dots, Lines & Zigzag For Bass Clarinet/p (Boosey & Hawkes/Sikorski)£25.99Add to basket
Garten Von Freuden Vocal Score. Ed. 845 (Boosey & Hawkes/Sikorski)£52.99Add to basket
Hommage to TS Eliot Full Score (Sikorski)£47.99Add to basket
In Croce for cello & organ (Boosey & Hawkes/Sikorski)£25.99Add to basket
Lamento for Tuba & Piano (Boosey & Hawkes/Sikorski)£18.99Add to basket
Musical Toys for piano (Zen-On)£13.50Add to basket
Offertorium (Violin Concerto) (Full Score) 9035 (Boosey & Hawkes/Sikorski)£66.99Add to basket
Quasi Hoquetus for Viola, Bassoon & Piano (Boosey & Hawkes/Sikorski)£40.99Add to basket
Rejoice (Sonata) Violin /vcl (Boosey & Hawkes/Sikorski)£29.99Add to basket
Selected Piano Works (Anglo Soviet)£21.99Add to basket
Sieben Worte Ed1827 (Boosey & Hawkes/Sikorski)£55.99Add to basket
Silenzio Bajan, Violin & Cello (Boosey & Hawkes/Sikorski)£48.99Add to basket
Sonata & Pantomime for Double Bass & Piano (Boosey & Hawkes/Sikorski)£30.99Add to basket
Sonata For 2 Bassoons (Boosey & Hawkes/Sikorski)£25.99Add to basket
String Quartet 2 Parts (Boosey & Hawkes/Sikorski)£34.99Add to basket
String Quartet No 4 Score & Parts (Sikorski)£65.00Add to basket
String Quartet No3 Full Score (Boosey & Hawkes (London))£11.99Add to basket
String Quartet No3 Set Of Parts. (Boosey & Hawkes (London))£66.99Add to basket
String Trio (score & parts) (Boosey & Hawkes/Chant Du Monde)£49.99Add to basket
Two Paths (2 Violas & Orchestra) (Full Score) (Boosey & Hawkes/Hal Leonard)£37.99Add to basket
Two Paths (Tribute To Mary And Martha) 2 Violas & Orchestra (G. Schirmer)£26.95Add to basket
Two Piano Sonatas (G. Schirmer)£9.95Add to basket
Two Pieces - Horn & Piano (Sikorski)£13.99Add to basket