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Autumn for piano solo (Bote & Bock)£3.99Add to basket
Blue Rose for string quartet (score & parts) (Bote & Bock) £15.99Add to basket
Blue Silence for string quartet (Bote & Bock)£13.99Add to basket
Book of Rags for Piano (Boosey & Hawkes (New York))£15.99Add to basket
Butterflying SSA & piano (Boosey & Hawkes (New York)) Bulk Discount£1.25Add to basket
Chamber Of Horrors - Score for Harp (Bote & Bock)£6.99Add to basket
Deep Sea Dreaming (choral score) (Bote & Bock) Bulk Discount£12.99Add to basket
Doo SSATTB & SS (Boosey & Hawkes (New York)) Bulk Discount£4.99Add to basket
Economy Class Blues for piano (Bote & Bock)£6.99Add to basket
Eliza Aria (from the Lloyds TSB TV commercials) Solo Piano (Boosey & Hawkes (London))£4.50Add to basket
Eliza Aria (from Wild Swans Suite) for piccolo/flute & piano (Boosey & Hawkes (Berlin))£6.99Add to basket
Eliza Aria for string quartet (score & parts) (Bote & Bock)£16.99Add to basket
Eliza Aria for violin and piano (Bote & Bock)£7.50Add to basket
Fast Blue Village 2 (Bote & Bock)£19.99Add to basket
Four Bassoon Rags (Bote & Bock)£16.50Add to basket
Four Light Bassoon Pieces (Bote & Bock)£13.99Add to basket
From Anna Magdalena's Notebook - Score & Parts (Bote & Bock)£44.99Add to basket
Grotesk for string quartet (Bote & Bock)£16.99Add to basket
Kwong Song - Piano Solo (Bote & Bock)£5.50Add to basket
Moody Tango for String Quartet (Bote & Bock)£16.99Add to basket
Piano Village (Bote & Bock) £18.50Add to basket
Russian Rag for Clarinet Quartet (Bote & Bock)£15.50Add to basket
Russian Rag for String Quartet (Bote & Bock)£15.50Add to basket
Sand Waltz (score & parts) (Bote & Bock)£22.99Add to basket
Silver Eucalypt for string quartet (score & parts) (Bote & Bock) £17.99Add to basket
Slicked Back Tango for String Quartet (Bote & Bock)£14.50Add to basket
The Spirit and the Maiden for piano trio (score & parts) (Bote & Bock) £27.99Add to basket
Twelve One-page Piano Pieces (Boosey & Hawkes (New York))£12.99Add to basket
Un-labelled SSAA (Boosey & Hawkes (New York)) Bulk Discount£1.99Add to basket