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Louis Andriessen Awarded the New York Philharmonic’s Kravis Prize for New MusicNov 2016
Andriessen discusses his new Theatre of the WorldMar 2016
Andriessen’s De Materie at New York’s Park Avenue ArmoryFeb 2016
Andriessen series at the Barbican in LondonNov 2015
Louis Andriessen in America: Mysteriën and Theatre of the WorldAug 2015
Louis Andriessen: Interview about his new MysteriesOct 2013
Andriessen: Two American Debuts at Los Angeles Philharmonic Portrait ConcertJan 2012
Andriessen & Birtwistle: premieres in Milan and TurinAug 2011
Andriessen: reviews of monodrama Anaïs Nin on tourFeb 2011
Andriessen: interview about new monodrama Anaïs NinOct 2010
Andriessen: reviews of US premiere of La CommediaJun 2010
Louis Andriessen's 70th Birthday: Music on Main, VancouverApr 2009
Andriessen: The Hague Hacking plays "cat and mouse"Jan 2009
Andriessen: The Hague Hacking premiere in Los AngelesDec 2008
Louis Andriessen interview: creating La CommediaMay 2008
Andriessen's Vermeer Pictures: new orchestral suiteDec 2006
Louis Andriessen interview on his new 'infernal tale'Oct 2004
Andriessen's La Passione premiered at South Bank Centre festivalDec 2002
Andriessen interview on La PassioneOct 2002