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MacMillan Scottish premieres and Passion choraleMar 2016
James MacMillan's Woman of the Apocalypse in London and BerlinNov 2015
James MacMillan to write a new piece for the Centennial of the Apparitions at Fátima in 2017Oct 2015
James MacMillan: Symphony No.4 premiere at BBC PromsOct 2015
James MacMillan: second Cumnock Tryst festivalSep 2015
James MacMillan awarded KnighthoodJun 2015
MacMillan summer festivals in Chicago, London & CabrilloJun 2015
James MacMillan's Inés de Castro returnsMay 2015
James MacMillan: Little Mass and St Luke PassionMar 2015
James MacMillan: reviews of Percussion Concerto No.2Feb 2015
James MacMillan premieres: from Passion to PercussionNov 2014
James MacMillan interview on Percussion Concerto No.2Oct 2014
MacMillan's St Luke Passion: reviews from AmsterdamMay 2014
James MacMillan: reviews of new Viola ConcertoApr 2014
MacMillan's St Luke Passion premiere in AmsterdamFeb 2014
James MacMillan: interview about St Luke PassionFeb 2014
James MacMillan’s new Viola Concerto and early worksDec 2013
James MacMillan: The Death of Oscar premieredSep 2013
James MacMillan: Piano Concerto No.3 UK premiereAug 2013
James MacMillan’s Piano Concerto No. 3 Travels Across the USMay 2013
MacMillan: US premiere of ClemencyJan 2013
MacMillan's Woman of the Apocalypse premiered at CabrilloOct 2012
MacMillan World Premiere at 2012 Cabrillo FestivalJun 2012
MacMillan's Gloria premiere for Coventry Cathedral's 50thMay 2012
James MacMillan: reviews of Clemency at Royal OperaSep 2011
James MacMillan: reviews of Piano Concerto No.3Jun 2011
James MacMillan's Violin Concerto Receives its U.S. PremiereFeb 2011
James MacMillan's St John Passion Receives American Premiere in Boston under Sir Colin DavisJan 2010
MacMillan Choral Guide: performance tips and audio clipsJul 2009
James MacMillan interview about new opera, The SacrificeJul 2007
MacMillan interview on Symphony No.3: 'Silence'Jun 2003
James MacMillan: Interview about ParthenogenesisSep 2000