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Discover the life and works of our composers through text, image and sound. From familiar favourites to exciting new talent, the Boosey & Hawkes catalogue offers a wealth of music to explore.
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Gabler, Egon
Gál, Hans (1890-1987)
Gallay, Jacquea Francois (b. 1795)
Galliard, Johann
Galper, Avrem
Galuppi, Baldassare (b. 1706)
Gandolfi, Michael
Ganz, Isabelle
Garland, Tim
Garovi, Josef (b. 1908)
Gatti, Luigi
Gay, John (1685-1732)
Geisler, J.C.
Gerhard, Roberto (1896-1970)
German, Edward (b. 1862)
Gershwin, George (1898-1937)
Gibbs, Cecil Armstrong (1889-1960)
Gibilaro, Alfonso (1888-1957)
Gilbert & Danczak
Gilbertson, Michael
Gillis, Don (1912-1978)
Ginastera, Alberto (1916-1983)
Girnatis, Walter
Giuliani, Mauro
Gjeilo, Ola
Glanert, Detlev (b. 1960)
Glasby, J
Glasgow, Michael J.
Gliere, Reinhold (b. 1875)
Glinka, Mikhail (b. 1804)
Gluck, Christoph Willibald (1714-1787)
Godard, Benjamin (1849-1895)
Goepfert, Carl Andreas
Goetze, Mary
Goldberg, Theo (b. 1921)
Goldschmidt, Berthold (1903-1996)
Golijov, Osvaldo (b. 1960)
Goltermann, Julius (b. 1825)
Gordon, P
Górecki, Henryk (1933-2010)
Görner, Hans-Georg (1908-1984)
Gorrell, Michelle
Gorzanis, Giacomo (b. 1525)
Gossec, Francois Joseph (b. 1734)
Gottlieb, Jack
Gottschalk, Louis Moreau (1829-1869)
Gounod, Charles (1818-1893)
Grabert, Martin
Graener, Paul (1872-1944)
Gräfe, Friedebald
Graham, Peter
Graham, Richard
Grainger, Percy (1881-1962)
Granados, Enrique (b. 1867)
Grandjany, Marcel (b. 1891)
Grant, Lily
Grant, Robin
Grases, Cristian
Graun, Johann Gottlieb
Gray, Alan (b. 1855)
Gray, D
Green, David Llewellyn
Gregor, C.
Gregoryk, Joan
Gregson, Edward
Grenz & Gollmann
Gretchaninoff, A
Grétry, André Modeste (1741-1813)
Grieg, Edvard (1843-1907)
Grier, Lita
Grindea, Carola
Grosskopf, Erhard (b. 1934)
Grotenhuis, Dale
Grothe & Brusso
Grube, Fritz (b. 1957)
Gruber, F
Gruber, Franz Xaver (b. 1787)
Gruber, HK (b. 1943)
Grueger, Vincent
Gruemmer, Paul
Grummer, P
Grundman, Clare
Grünfeld, Alfred (b. 1852)
Grycs, Stephen
Guard, P/Burley, B
Gubaidulina, Sofia (b. 1931)
Gurney, Ivor (1890-1937)
Guzman, Juan
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