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Mary Goetze Choral Series

Mary Goetze

High quality repertoire for children's and youth choirs, specially selected and arranged by the leading US educationalist Mary Goetze.

Composer Title Instrumentation  

Allsbrook, Nancy Boone Lazy John 2-part Treble Voices and Piano
Allsbrook, Nancy Boone Lift Our Voices SA (opt. SSA), Piano
Allsbrook, Nancy Boone Shady Grove SSA, Piano
Boshkoff, Ruth I Will Bring You Brooches Unison treble, Flute, Piano
Brahms, Johannes Marienwürmchen - choral unison & piano Unison
Carl, Robert Autumn Song 2-part Treble Voices and Piano
Carto, C. Cat of Cats 2 Voices
Carto, Thomas The Muddy Puddle SSA SS/A
Curtwright, Carolee Kookaburra SS/A
Dalglish, Malcolm Bye Oh Baby SA & piano Unison or SS
Dalglish, Malcolm Winter's Lullaby SA & hammer dulcimer Unison or SS
Dalglish, Malcolm Woody Knows Nothin' SSA & hammer dulcimer Unison or SS
Ebel-Sabo, Victoria Blustery Day Treble, Piano
Ebel-Sabo, Victoria Celebrate Spring Treble, Piano
Ebel-Sabo, Victoria Norse Lullaby Treble, Piano
Ebel-Sabo, Victoria Trees Stand Shining Treble, Piano
Ebel-Sabo, Victoria Who Has Seen the Wind? Treble, Piano
Ebel-Sabo, Victoria Wind on the Hill - choral unison, recorder & piano Treble
Ebel-Sabo, Victoria Winter Wind SA Treble
Freund, D The Divine Image (No. 3 from Three Blake Songs) SA, Piano
Freund, D The Lamb (No. 1 from Three Blake Songs) SA, Piano
Freund, D Three Blake Songs (Score & parts)
Freund, D Tyger (No. 2 from Three Blake Songs) SA, Piano
Goetze, Mary A Zing-A Za SSSS, Piano
Goetze, Mary Black Snake Wind SS
Goetze, Mary Ca' The Yowes SS, flute & piano SS
Goetze, Mary Christmas Bells SSA Treble
Goetze, Mary Circles Treble
Goetze, Mary Clear The Line SSS SSS
Goetze, Mary Crawdad Hole SSA & piano SSA, Piano
Goetze, Mary Da Pacem Domine SSAA SSAA
Goetze, Mary Dormi Dormi - choral unison & piano Unison
Goetze, Mary Faldang Unison
Goetze, Mary Fire SSA & piano Treble
Goetze, Mary For Now, I Know SSA, flute & piano 3 Pt Treble Voices, Piano
Goetze, Mary Give Way, Jordan SSS SSS
Goetze, Mary Glory To God Treble
Goetze, Mary Great Gettin' Up Mornin' SSA Treble
Goetze, Mary Heartland Treble
Goetze, Mary Heaven Bell-A-Ring - Choral Unison & piano Unison Voices, Piano
Goetze, Mary Hold The Wind SSAA SSAA
Goetze, Mary I Sing SSA, Piano
Goetze, Mary If SS & piano 2-part treble voices
Goetze, Mary Infant Holy SSA 3-part Treble Voices
Goetze, Mary Instructions SS & piano Treble
Goetze, Mary Little Birch Tree - unison, recorder & piano Unison
Goetze, Mary Ode to Trees 2-part Treble Voices and Piano
Goetze, Mary Old Carrion Crow SS & piano SSAA
Goetze, Mary Old Joe Clark SSS Treble
Goetze, Mary Piglet's Christmas - choral unison & piano Unison
Goetze, Mary Pretty Saro SSA & piano 3 Pt Treble Voices, Piano
Goetze, Mary Scarborough Fair SSA SSA
Goetze, Mary Shenandoah SS
Goetze, Mary Sing a Song & Celebrate CD
Goetze, Mary Sing Alleluia, Allelu SSS Treble
Goetze, Mary Sing As The Prairie SS & piano Treble
Goetze, Mary Song of Songs SSAA & organ Treble
Goetze, Mary The Piper SSA, Piccolo
Goetze, Mary There Is Ever A Song SSAA & piano SSAA
Goetze, Mary We Are As One 4-part Treble and Piano
Goetze, Mary We Are As One SATB & piano SATB, Piano
Goetze, Mary Wexford Carol SSA SS
Goetze, Mary When Children Sing Treble, Piano
Goetze, Mary Wink To The Little Baby 2-part treble voices
Howell, John Angel Gabriel SS SS
Laster, James A Madrigal For Spring SSA SSAA
Laster, James O Lovely Dove SSAA SSAA
Laster, James Welcome, Sweet Pleasure SSAA SSAA
Laster, Mendlessohn (Laster) Psalm 66 Double SSA Chorus
Marcello, Benedetto Give Ear Unto Me Treble, Piano
Orrego-Salas, Juan Canticos de Navidad SSA SSA
Schein, Johann Hermann Kikkehihi SSA SSA
Taylor-Howell, S I'm Goin' Home On A Cloud SSSS SSSS
Walter, L One Day By The River SSS SA
Wolf, Hugo Mausfallen Spruechlein Unison

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