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A Drummer's Perspective $41.54
Akustik $11.15
American Basses Illustrated History $27.63

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Blue Book of Guitar Amplifiers (4th Ed) $31.79
Brass Instrument Manual $30.46
Build Your Own Electric Guitar $30.46

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Clarinet Manual $30.46

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Die Flöte $11.15
Die Instrumentation 12: Violine/Bratsche $22.23
Die Klarinette $18.49
Die Oboe $11.15
Die Posaune $29.92
Die Tuba $17.25
Drum-Kit Manual $30.46
Drums Falzerano $40.10

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Electric Guitar Manual $30.46

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Fender Bass Manual $27.69

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Gibson SG Manual $30.46
Guide To Vintage Drums aldridge $23.48
Guitar Repair $34.98
Guitar Tone - Pursuing The Ultimate Guitar Sound $41.49
Guitarist's Guide To Maintenance & Repair $13.78

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Harfe $19.32
History of the American Guitar $30.41
History Of The Ludwig Drum Company $27.63
How The Fender Bass Changed The World $26.25
How to Build Electric Guitars $31.79

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Musical Instruments and how they are Played $8.30

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Percussion (Yehudi Menuhin Music Guides) $17.94
Percussion Instruments $18.70
Pocket-Info Akustische Gitarre $12.45
Pocket-Info Cello $12.45
Pocket-Info Drums $12.45
Pocket-Info E-Gitarre und E-Bass $12.45
Pocket-Info Gesang $12.45
Pocket-Info Keyboard und Digital-Piano $12.45
Pocket-Info Klarinette $12.45
Pocket-Info Klavier $12.45
Pocket-Info Musiklehre $12.45
Pocket-Info Querflöte und Piccolo $12.45
Pocket-Info Saxophon $12.45
Pocket-Info Trompete und Posaune $12.45
Pocket-Info Violin and Viola $12.45
Pour accorder son piano $8.17
Practical Guide to Percussion Terminology $18.70
Praxis-Guide Violine und Viola $20.76

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Rudall, Rose & Carte: The Art of the Flute in Britain $110.75

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Saxophone Manual $31.85
Schott Praxis Guide Klavier $20.76
Schott Praxis-Guide Drums $20.76
Schott Praxis-Guide E-Guitarre $20.76
Schott Praxis-Guide Saxophone $20.76
Schott Praxis-Guide Singing Voice $20.76
Squier Electrics: 30 Years of Fender's Budget Guitar Brand $24.86
Star Guitars: 101 Guitars That Rocked the World $34.63
Sticks 'n' Skins - Drum Photographer $88.58

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The Autoharp $18.01
The Fender Stratocaster $49.87
The Gibson 175: Its History and Its Players $20.71
The Les Paul Guitar Book $23.48
The Pianists Guide to Pedaling $33.23
The Telecaster Guitar Book $24.86
Tipbook Drums: The Complete Guide $17.94

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Violin Manual $30.46
Violine - Klangwerkzeug und Kunstgegenstand $36.15
Violintechnik $19.38

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Yesterday's Clarinettists: A Sequel $34.56

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Zildjian History Of Legendary Cymbal Makers cohan $19.32