Mel Bay: Left-hand Guitar Chord Book

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Left-hand Guitar Chord Book

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Publisher: Mel Bay

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This fine book contains chords illustrated for left-handed guitarists. All forms of chords are featured including: Major, Minor, Sevenths, Diminished, Augmented, Ninths, Major and Minor Sevenths, Seventh Augmented Fifths, Seventh Diminished Fifths, Sixths and Minor Sixths.

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How to Hold the Guitar and Pick Guide to Chord Diagrams Index of Chords The Major Chords C, F, G, D, A, E, B, E, A, D, G or F#, B The Minor Chords Cm, Fm, Gm, Dm, Am, Em, Bm, Em, Am, Dm, Gm or F#m, Bm The Seventh Chords C7, F7, G7, D7, A7, E7, B7, E7, A7, D7, G7 or F#7, B7 The Diminished Chords D° / A° (G#°) / B° / F° E° / A° / C° / G° (F#°) E° / B° / D° (C#°) / G° The Augmented Chords E+ / G#+ (A+) / C+ F+ / A+ / C#+ (D+) G+ (F#+) / B+ / D+ G+ / B+ / D#+ (E+) The Ninth Chords C9, F9, G9, D9, A9, E9, B9, E9, A9, D9, G9 or F#9, B9 The Major Seventh Chords CMaj7, FMaj7, GMaj7, DMaj7, AMaj7, EMaj7, BMaj7, EMaj7, AMaj7, DMaj7, GMaj7 or F#Maj7, BMaj7 The Minor Seventh ChordsCm7, Fm7, Gm7, Dm7, Am7, Em7, Bm7, Em7, Am7, Dm7, Gm7 or F#m7, Bm7 The Seventh Augmented Chords C7+5, F7+5, G7+5, D7+5, A7+5, E7+5, B7+5, E7+5, A7+5, D7+5, G7+5 or F#7+5, B7+5 The Seventh Diminished Fifth C7(5), F7(5), G7(5), D7(5), A7(5), E7(5), B7(5), E7(5), A7(5), D7(5), G7(5) or F#7(5), B7(5) The Sixth Chords C6, F6, G6, D6, A6, E6, B6, E6, A6, D6, G6 or F#6, B6 The Minor Sixth Chords Cm6, Fm6, Gm6, Dm6, Am6, Em6, Bm6, Em6, Am6, Dm6, Gm6 or F#m6, Bm6 The Movable Rhythm Chords The Major Chords The Minor Chords The Modern Rhythm Chords Chords Derived from Form I7 Chords Derived from Form III7 Chords Derived from Form V7 Chords Derived from Form VII7