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Catalogue No: Z08377
ISMN: M-080-08377-2
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Department: Tutor Methods - Piano

Publisher: Editio Musica Budapest

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The idea of composing 'Games' was suggested by children playing spontaneously, children for whom the piano still means a toy. They experiment with it, caress it, attack it and run their fingers over it. They pile up seemingly disconnected sounds, and if this happens to arouse their musical instinct they look consciously for some of the harmonies found by chance and keep repeating them.
Thus this series does not provide a tutor, nor does it simply stand as a collection of pieces. It is a possibility for experimenting and not for learning "to play the piano".

Pleasure in playing, the joy of movement - daring and if need be fast movement over the entire keyboard right from the first lessons instead of clumsy groping for keys and the counting of rhythms - all these rather vague ideas lay at the outset of the creation of this collection.

Playing - is just playing. It requires a great deal of freedom and initiative from the performer. On no account should the written image be taken seriously but the written image must be taken extremely seriously as regards the musical process, the quality of sound and silence. We should trust the picture of the printed notes and let is exert its influence upon us. The graphic picture conveys an idea about the arrangement in time of even the most free pieces.

We should make use of all that we know and remember of free declamation, folk-music parlando-rubato, of Gregorian chant and of all that improvisational musical practice has ever brought forth.

Let us tackle bravely even the most difficult task without being afraid of making mistakes: we should try to create valid proportions, unity and continuity out of the long and short values - just for our own pleasure!


Contents and Reviews

1 Basic Elements
2 Exercises
3 Perpetuum mobile (objet trouvé)
4 Prelude and Waltz in C
5 Palm Stroke (1)
6 Palm Stroke (2)
7 Wrong Notes Allowed (1)
8 Wrong Notes Allowed (2)
9 Flowers We Are, Frail Flovers... (1a)
10 Dot-strumming
11 Flowers We Are, Frail Flowers... (1b)
12 ...flowers also the stars...
13 Out and In (1)
14 Objet trouvé (2)
15 Elbows
16 Hommage a Verdi (sopra: Caro nome che il mio cor)
17 Walking
18 C's Night Song
19 Little Chorale (1)
20 Toddling
21 Staggering
22 Staggering
23 Bored
24 Rocking
25 Hommage a Bartók
26 Let's Be Silly
27 (silent palms)
28 Hommage a Kocsis Zoltán - Playing with Overtones (1)
29 Sound Eclipse
30 Hommage a Máriássy István - (detecting chords)
31 The Bunny and The Fox
32 Legato
33 Waltz (1)
34 Hommage a Farkas (1) The Stone-frog Crawled Along...
35 Hot Cockles
36 Flowers We Are... (2)
37 Fifths (2)
38 (the young boxer's lighter moments)
39 (sleepily)
40 Portrait (1)
41 (five little piano pieces)
42 Three-finger Play
43 Gallop
44 Boisterous Csárdás
45 Jerking
46 Sound and Sound-ball (1)
47 Melancholic Overtones
48 Little Chorale (2)
49 Flowers We Are... (3)
50 Sound and Sound-ball (2)
51 Sarabande
52 Out and In (2)
53 (scherzando)
54 Fifths and Fourths and Palm Strokes
55 (Hommage a Beethoven)
56 Playing with Overtones (2)
57 Falling Asleep
58 Scale from One to Eight
59 Knots (1)
60 Flowers We Are... (4a)
61 Flowers We Are... (4b)
62 Meandering Tune
63 Twittering
64 Quarrelling (1)
65 Dumb-show (Quarrelling 2)
66 Mikro-rondo
67 Hommage a Ligeti
68 Sidling Palms
69 Beating (3x3 - 3 tones, 3 rhythm patterns)
70 Hommage a Tchaikovsky
71 Hommage a Eötvös Péter
72 Hommage a Paganini (la nuova campanella)
73 Preliminary Exercises to the Hoquetus
74 Hoquetus
75 Perpetuum mobile (objet trouvé)
76 ...and once more: Flowers We Are...