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Hyperion Kryger/Spencer CD Chopin: Songs

Urszula Kryger (mezzo-soprano), Charles Spencer (piano)

CDH55270 (Originally issued on CDA67125)

Recording details: March 1999
Studio 3, Bayerische Rundfunk, Munich, Germany
Produced by Wolfram Graul & Andreas Fischer
Engineered by Günter Hess & Peter Urban
Release date: October 2006
Total duration: 65 minutes 54 seconds

Track listing CD1 1
Wiosna 'Spring', Op 74 No 2 (Chopin) 'Blyszcza krople rosy 'The dew sparkles'' 2:32
Gdzie lubi 'There where she loves', Op 74 No 5 (Chopin) 'Strumyk lubi w dolinie 'Streams gurgle through the valley'' 1:12
Hulanka 'Drinking song', Op 74 No 4 (Chopin) 'Szynkareczko, szafareczko 'Take care, pretty girl'' 1:20
Piosnka Litewska 'Lithuanian song', Op 74 No 16 (Chopin) 'Bardzo raniuchno wschodzilo sloneczko 'Early one morning the sun was rising'' 2:11
Czary 'Witchcraft' (Chopin) 'To sa czary, pewno czary! 'It must be witchcraft'' 1:22
Sliczny chlopiec 'Handsome lad', Op 74 No 8 (Chopin) 'Wzniosly, smukly i mlody 'Young and tall and handsome'' 2:16
Zyczenie 'The Maiden's Wish', Op 74 No 1 (Chopin) 'Gdybyn ja byla sloneczkiem na niebie 'If I were the sun in the sky'' 1:47
Moja pieszczotka 'My darling', Op 74 No 12 (Chopin) 1:48
Precz z moich oczu 'Out of my sight', Op 74 No 6 (Chopin) 3:30
Wojak 'The warrior', Op 74 No 10 (Chopin) 'Rzy mój gniady, ziemie grzebie 'Hark! My steed stamps the dust'' 2:07
Spiew z mogily 'Hymn from the tomb', Op 74 No 17 (Chopin) 'Leci liscie z drzewa 'Leaves are falling thickly'' 5:04
Posel 'The messenger', Op 74 No 7 (Chopin) 'Rosnie trawka, ziólko 'Dew lies on the meadows'' 2:38
Pierscien 'The ring', Op 74 No 14 (Chopin) 'Smutno nianki ci spiewaly 'When nurses sang sadly to you'' 1:29
Narzeczony 'The bridegroom', Op 74 No 15 (Chopin) 'Wiatr zaszumial miedzy krzewy 'The wind howls in the forest'' 1:59
Smutna rzeka 'Sad river', Op 74 No 3 (Chopin) 'Rzeko z cudzoziemców strony 'River, flowing from the mountains'' 4:10
Dumka 'Reverie' (Chopin) 'Mgla mi do oczu zawiewa z lona 'My heart is heavy, my eyes full of sorrow'' 1:32
Dwojaki koniec 'The two corpses', Op 74 No 11 (Chopin) 'Rok sie kochali, a wiek sie nie widzieli 'For a year they loved, for eternity they parted'' 2:14
Nie ma czego trzeba 'Faded and vanished', Op 74 No 13 (Chopin) 'Mgla mi do oczu zawiewa z lona 'My heart is heavy, my eyes full of sorrow'' 4:31
Melodia, Op 74 No 9 (Chopin) 'Z gór, gdzie dzwigali 'Under their crosses' cruel weight they stand'' 2:49
Plainte d'amour 'Mazurka in F sharp minor, Op 6 No 1' (Chopin/Viardot) 'Chère âme, sans toi j'expire' 3:25
Faible cœur 'Mazurka in F minor, Op 7 No 3' (Chopin/Viardot) 'Prépare-toi, faible cœur' 4:16
Berceuse 'Mazurka in C major, Op 33 No 3' (Chopin/Viardot) 'Enfant, cède au sommeil qui ferme ta paupière' 3:50
La fête 'Mazurka in E flat minor, Op 6 No 4' (Chopin/Viardot) 'La village est tout en fête' 4:32
La danse 'Mazurka in G major, Op 50 No 1' (Chopin/Viardot) 'Entendez-vous c'est le signal' 3:20

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