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Barrios Mangore, Agustin: Recordings Of...vol.1 (Hampton Music Publishers)£7.50Add to basket
Beethoven, Ludwig van: Moonlight Sonata 1st Movement (watson) (Hampton Music Publishers)£7.50Add to basket
Benham, Patrick: Seven Easy Guitar Solos (Hampton Music Publishers)£6.50Add to basket
Carroll: Irish Suite Guitar Duet (Hampton Music Publishers)£4.95Add to basket
cobby/dacre : Scale Cutlets In Syrup guitar (Hampton Music Publishers)£4.95Add to basket
Debussy, Claude: Petite Suite (fl,Ob,Cl,Vln,Gtr) score (Hampton Music Publishers)£11.95Add to basket
Duarte J W : Little Suite No.2 Op. 79 (Hampton Music Publishers)£12.75Add to basket
Duarte, John W: English Suite Op. 78 No 3 (Hampton Music Publishers)£11.50Add to basket
Granados, Enrique: Four Tonadillas (Hampton Music Publishers)£7.95Add to basket
Grayson, Martin : Mozart Viennese Sonatina No6 Cello & Guitar (score (Hampton Music Publishers)£6.50Add to basket
King, Don: Hello Guitar (10 Easy Pieces) (Hampton Music Publishers)£6.25Add to basket
Mills, John: Fantasia - Homage To Frederick Delius (guitar) (Hampton Music Publishers)£3.50Add to basket
Mozart, Wolfgang Amadeus: Viennese Sonatina No6 (Hampton Music Publishers)£7.50Add to basket
Nockalls : Guitar Images (Hampton Music Publishers)£4.95Add to basket
Pearson, Donald: La Guitarra Flamenca (Hampton Music Publishers)£15.95Add to basket
Pearson, Robin J.: Guitar Calendar 12 Descriptive Pieces (Hampton Music Publishers)£7.95Add to basket
Pearson, Robin J.: Side By Side (6 Guitar Duets) vol.2 (Hampton Music Publishers)£8.50Add to basket
Royal: 5 Blues For Classical Guitar (Hampton Music Publishers)£7.50Add to basket
Shostakovich, Dmitri: Preludes (3) Op. 87 guitar Duet (Hampton Music Publishers)£3.75Add to basket
Various: 25 Graded Pieces For Plectrum Guitar (Hampton Music Publishers)£12.95Add to basket
: Carroll Quartets (6) Op. 21 (Hampton Music Publishers)£5.95Add to basket