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Syllabus:Harp from 2005

Important information:
Please note that the information listed below does not contain complete syllabus details. Therefore, when planning an exam entry, it is important to refer to the current syllabus and the Exam Information & Regulations.

Pieces (select one from each list)

List AAvailable In
1. No. 2 or No. 6 from 'Aquatintes'
Bernard Andrès
Aquatintes: 6 pieces breves pour harpe (Hamelle)
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2. College Hornpipe
Anon. Scottish
A Harper's Pleasure (arr. harp) (Swanston Music)
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3. Dacw Mam yn Dwad or Can y Melinydd: No. 3 or No. 6 from 'O'r Dechrau'
Anon. Welsh
O'r Dechrau (From The Beginning) harp (Alaw)
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4. While Bagpipes Play
J. S. Bach
Second Harp Book (Lyra)
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5. Evening Song
J.-J. Rousseau
Second Harp Book (Lyra)
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6. Le Petit Mendiant
Mel Bonis
Les Plaisirs de la harpe, Vol.1 (Lemoine)
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7. Gigue: No. 2 from 'Petite Suite Classique'
Petite Suite Classique (Carl Fischer)
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8. The See-Saw, from 'Little Harp Book'
Little Harp Book (Carl Fischer)
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9. Ebbing Tide or Song at Night
Lucien Thomson
Ebbing Tide for harp (Thomson)
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Song at Night for harp (Thomson)
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List BAvailable In
1. In Phrygian Mode or In Yugoslav Mode: No. 2 or No. 3 from 'Mikrokosmos'
Mikrokosmos (arr. harp) (Boosey & Hawkes (New York))
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2. Dawn: No. 1 from 'Beginnings'
Geoffrey Burgon
Beginnings (Stainer & Bell)
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3. Goblin Rustle, from 'Harping On', Book 1
Fiona Clifton-Welker
Harping On, Book 1 (Clifton-Welker)
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4. Crépuscule sur le Lagon
Monique Gabus
Les Plaisirs de la harpe, Vol.1 (Lemoine)
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5. Complainte
Yann Geslin
Les Plaisirs de la harpe, Vol.1 (Lemoine)
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6. Rêverie: No. 1 from 'Trois petites Pièces très faciles', Op. 7
Trois petites Pièces très faciles, Op. 7 (Leduc)
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7. Mister Blister's March, from 'Blistering Along!'
Stewart Green
Blistering Along! (for harp) (Green)
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8. Hippopotamus Rag or Bedtime Blues or Swing Time: No. 27 or No. 28 or No. 29 from 'Minstrel's Gallery'
Skaila Kanga
Minstrel's Gallery for harp (Maruka Music)
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9. At Anchor or Celtic Rag: No. 6 or No. 8 from 'Journeys', Op. 80
Geoffrey Winters
Journeys Op. 80 for harp (Simrock)
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List CAvailable In
1. Parapluie or Le Crabe, from 'Harpe d'or'
Dominig Bouchaud
Harpe d’or - Pour commencer la harpe celtique (Billaudot)
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2. Tutor for the Celtic Harp: Etude No. 8 or No. 11
Ank van Campen
Tutor for the Celtic Harp (Harmonia)
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3. Mountain Stream or Garden of Dreams: No. 14 or No. 22 from 'Minstrel's Gallery'
Skaila Kanga
Minstrel's Gallery for harp (Maruka Music)
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4. 65 Piccoli Studi facili e progressivi, 1st Grade: No. 13a or No. 13b; or 2nd Grade: No. 11 or No. 15
Metodo Per Arpa - harp (Ricordi)
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5. Ballerina
Phyllis Schlomovitz
Beginners Harp Book 1 (Salvi)
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Also RecommendedAvailable In
1. Scales & ArpeggiosABRSM Scales & Arpeggios for non-pedal harp (Grades 1-5) (Alaw)
£19.95Add to basket
ABRSM Scales & Arpeggios for pedal harp (Grades 1-5) (Alaw)
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2. Sight Reading TestsSpecimen Sight-Reading Tests for Harp, Grades 1–8 (pedal and non-pedal) (ABRSM)
£6.50Add to basket
3. Preparation for the Aural TestsAural Training in Practice, ABRSM Grades 1–3, with 2 CDs (ABRSM)
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Specimen Aural Tests, Grades 1–3 (ABRSM)
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 Specimen Aural Tests, Grades 1-3 with 2 CDs (ABRSM)
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