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Syllabus:Horn from 2013

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Pieces (select one from each list)

List AAvailable In
1. Quoniam tu solus sanctus (from Mass in B minor) (solo line for Horn in D).
J. S. Bach
2. Poco adagio, quasi andante and Rondo–Allegretto moderato: 2nd and 3rd movts from Horn Sonata in F, Op. 17
3. Concerto for Horn
4. The Pearl
John Frith
5. Andante: 2nd movt from Horn Concerto, Op. 91
6. Romanze, Op. 12
7. Allegro or Rondo–Allegro: 1st or 3rd movt from Horn Concerto No. 2 in Eb, K. 417
8. Morceau de Concert, Op. 94
9. Allegro brillante: 1st movt from Sonata No. 11 in Eb
10. Allegro or Rondo–Allegro: 1st or 3rd movt from Horn Concerto No. 1 in Eb, Op. 11
R. Strauss
List BAvailable In
1. Alla Caccia
Alan Abbott
2. By Jupiter!
Richard Bissill
3. Moderato espressivo: 1st movt from Horn Sonata in Eb, Op. 101
York Bowen
4. En forêt, Op. 40
5. Cantecor, Op. 77
6. Vivo: 3rd movt from Horn Sonata
John Frith
7. Lebhaft: 3rd movt from Horn Sonata (1939)
8. Scherzo Brillante, Op. 96
Jan Koetsier
9. Allegro: 1st movt from Horn Sonata, Op. 24
Trygve Madsen
10. Hunter's Moon
Gilbert Vinter
List CAvailable In
1. Romp for solo horn
Jeffrey Agrell
2. Gigue: 7th movt from Suite No. 3
J. S. Bach
3. Presto: No. 8 from Fantasy Pieces for Horn
Derek Bourgeois
4. Finale: 4th movt from Suite for Solo Horn in F, Op. 64
B. Hummel
5. Study No. 14: from 60 Selected Studies for French Horn, Book 1
6. Laudatio for solo horn
Bernhard Krol
7. No. 13: from 20 Études pour le cor grave
de Pré
7. No. 12: from Just Desserts – Frippery Style
Lowell E. Shaw
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