Music for your Grade Exam

Board:Trinity College London
Syllabus:Saxophone 2013-2017

Three pieces are to be played, at least one from each group, to form a balanced programme. Instead of one item, candidates may offer their own composition.

Group A (accompanied)
Pieces 1-29 are for Alto/Baritone Saxophone in Eb
Pieces 30-53 are for Soprano/Tenor Saxophone in Bb

Group B (unaccompanied)
All pieces are for Saxophone in Eb/Bb

Group AAvailable In
1. Puerta de Tierra (from Bolero)
Puerta de Tierra (Bolero) Sax (Unión Musical Ediciones S.L.)
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2. Sonata no. 6, 1st movt: Allegro ma non tanto / 2nd movt: Allegro
J S Bach
Sonata No.6 (arr. tenor sax & piano) (Advance Music)
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3. Arioso [to bar 51] (from Arioso & Presto)
Arioso and Presto, Op. 108 - Alto Saxophone and Piano Reduction (Southern Music)
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4. Three Piece Suite for Alto Saxophone & Piano, 1st movt: Samba Triste / 3rd movt: Finale
R R Bennett
Three Piece Suite (Novello)
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5. Adage et arabesque
Adage et Arabesque (Leduc)
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6. Suite, Danse des demons and Plainte
Suite (Leduc)
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7. Habanera (from Four Comedy Dances)
Habanera (4 Comedy Dances) alto sax & piano (Kendor)
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8. Aria et Valse Jazz
Aria and Waltz Jazz - alto saxophone & piano (Schott)
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9. Danse Bohémienne (from Claude Debussy Saxophone Album)
Saxophone Album Sax/Piano (Universal Edition)
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10. Sonata in G minor: any two contrasting movements
Sonata in G minor (arr. for alto sax) (Elkan-Vogel)
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11. Allegro, Largo and Finale (Les classiques du saxophone no. 1)
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12. Gypsy Rondo (from Solos for the Alto Saxophone Player)
Solos for the Alto Saxophone Player (G. Schirmer)
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13. Nightsong for Alto Saxophone & Piano
Nightsong (for alto saxophone & piano) (G. Schirmer)
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14. Sonata for Alto Sax & Piano, 2nd movt: Largo
Nelson Sonata alto sax & piano (Advance Music)
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15. Canzonetta
Canzonetta Op.19 (Arr. Alto Saxophone) (Leduc)
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16. Sonatina for Alto Saxophone, Toccata Latino / East Coast Mainline
Sonatina (alto sax) (Reedimensions)
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17. Witch Hunt
Witch Hunt Alto Sax/Piano (Saxtet)
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18. Adagio and Allegro (from John Harle Saxophone Album — To Baker Street and Bach)
John Harle's Sax Album 'To Baker Street And Bach' (alto sax & piano) (Boosey & Hawkes (London))
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19. Concerto op. 3/6 RV 356, 1st movt: Allegro / 3rd movt: Presto
Concerto, op. 3 - saxophone & piano (Universal Edition)
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20. Valse Vanité
Valse Vanite Alto Saxophone & piano (Studio Music)
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21. Day for baritone/alto saxophone & piano
Day (alto/baritone saxophone & piano) (Camden Music)
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22. Mallorca / Puerta de Tierra (from Bolero)
Puerta de Tierra (Bolero) Sax (Unión Musical Ediciones S.L.)
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23. Sonata da Gamba no. 2, 2nd movt: Allegro
J S Bach
Sonata da Gamba (arr. Nichols for soprano/tenor saxophone and piano) (Saxtet)
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24. Sonata in Eb, BWV 1031, 1st movt: Allegro moderato and 2nd movt: Siciliano
J S Bach
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25. Sonata no. 1, 2nd movt: Recitativo & Scherzo
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26. Hungarian Dance no. 1 (from Solos for the Tenor Saxophone Player)
Solos for the Tenor Saxophone Player (G. Schirmer)
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27. Vielle Chanson and Rondinade
Vieille Chanson et Rondinade for tenor saxophone (Billaudot)
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28. Concerto, 3rd movt: Lent et très expressif and 4th movt: Très animé
Concerto in G major - tenor saxophone & piano reduction (Schott)
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29. Diversions for Tenor Sax & Orchestra, 2nd movt: Serenades & Airs / 4th movt: Ballads & Lovenotes
Diversions Tenor Saxophone/piano (G. Schirmer)
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30. Sonata in G minor, op. l/6, 1st movt: Larghetto and 2nd movt: Allegro (Les classiques du saxophone no. 114 (Tenor sax)
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31. Contest Solo no. 1 [complete]
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32. Rue Maurice-Berteaux (from Saxophone Solos vol. 2 [Tenor ed.])
Saxophone Solos for Bb tenor saxophone, Vol. 2 (Chester Music)
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33. Shiraz (from Gentle Dreams and Shiraz)
Gentle Dreams for soprano saxophone (Camden Music)
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34. Café 1930 (from Histoire du Tango for Soprano Saxophone)
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35. Sonatina for Tenor Saxophone, 1st movt: Motive Power
Sonatina (tenor saxophone) (Reedimensions)
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36. 4th solo de Concert
4 Solo De Concert Sax (Molenaar N.V.)
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37. Caprice op. 80
Caprice op. 80 for soprano saxophone & piano (Roncorp Publications) 
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38. Sonata no. 1, Hall of Mirrors, 4th movt: Hologram
Sonata No1 - Hall Of Mirrors Saxophone (Camden Music)
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39. Duo for Soprano Sax & Piano
Duo Soprano Sax & Piano (Camden Music)
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40. Concertino for Soprano Saxophone
Concertino for Soprano Saxophone (Southern Music) 
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41. Sonata for Tenor Saxophone op. 56, 1st movt: Allegro
Sonata Op. 56 for tenor saxophone & piano (Southern Music)
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42. Fantasia for Soprano or Tenor Saxophone, 2nd movt
Villa Lobos
Fantasia for soprano or tenor saxophone (Peermusic)
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43. Silver Sonatina for Soprano Saxophone & Piano 1st movt: Improvisation and 3rd movt: Rondo / 2nd movt: Romanza and 3rd movt: Rondo
Silver Sonatina for soprano saxophone & piano (Saxtet) 
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Group BAvailable In
1. Suite no. 1, 2nd movt: Allemande
J S Bach
Suite No.1 For Sax trans.Londeix (Lemoine)
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2. Brazilian Walk, no. 15 (from Saxophone Solos book 1)
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3. First Gavotte (from Suite Française)
Suite Francaise (Leduc)
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4. Study no. 76 (from Easy Classical Studies for Saxophone)
Frederickthe Great
Easy Classical Studies (saxophone) (Universal Edition)
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5. Study no. 77 (from Easy Classical Studies for Saxophone)
Easy Classical Studies (saxophone) (Universal Edition)
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6. Distant Song (from Sax Scorchers)
Sax Scorchers (Saxtet)
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7. Study no. 23 (from 24 Melodic Studies for Saxophone)
24 Melodic Studies - Sax (Useful Music)
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8. Prelude and Burlesque II (from Recitatives for Solo Saxophone)
Recitatives for Solo Saxophone (Broadbent & Dunn)
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9. No. 23: A Recurring Theme (7) / No. 25: Bodacious Funktitude
Mosaics For Alto Saxophone Book 2 - Grade 6-8 (Trinity College London)
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10. No. 24: Boo!
Mosaics For Alto Saxophone Book 2 - Grade 6-8 (Trinity College London)
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11. Point to Point, no. 5 / Neat!, no. 8 (from 12 Modern Etudes for Solo Saxophone)
12 Modern Études for solo saxophone (Universal Edition)
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12. Study no. 8, Salón de Destrabe (from Sax Scorchers)
Sax Scorchers (Saxtet)
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13. Reel Time and Party Time (from Street Beats)
Street Beats for Solo Saxophone (Saxtet)
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14. Piazza San Marco (from New Concert Studies for Saxophone)
New Concert Studies for Saxophone (Book & CD) (De Haske)
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15. Monody for Solo Saxophone
Monody for solo saxophone (Camden Music)
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