Music for your Grade Exam

Syllabus:Drum Kit 2012-2018

Prepared work: candidates perform 3 pieces that last a maximum of 1 minute 15 seconds and demonstrate a selection of Technical Exercises.

Unprepared work: candidates are required to play either a 4 bar sight reading test, or a 4 bar Improvisation and Interpretation test. There are also two ear tests that begin to develop fill playback and groove recall and the final part of the exam is a set of 5 simple questions based on the candidate’s choice of piece. These are designed to explore theory and instrument knowledge.

Choose 3 performance pieces from the list below - alternatively choose 2 free choice pieces

List AAvailable In
1. Kaiser Roll
2. Bend and Snap
3. Jangle Road
4. West Coast Rollin'
5. Deep Trouble
6. Munky Fusic