Panufnik, Andrzej : Pentasonata (1984)  11'

for piano

This work is available from Boosey & Hawkes for the world.

World Premiere
Aldeburgh Festival
Craig Sheppard, piano

Composer's Notes

Pentasonata is written in one continuous movement. Both parts of the title penta and sonata, have equal significance: the prefix penta relates to the number of sections (5), to the pentatonic scale on which the whole work is based, and to the metre of 5 (except the middle section where no metre is indicated).

I made use of the title sonata, because there is some relation to the classical  model.  Although  Pentasonata is in one movement,  the 5 sections are arranged palindromically - like a pentaptych: 1st subject -allegretto scherzoso, molto ritmico; 2nd subject - andantino amorosa, molto cantabile; development : contemplivo, molto rubato; followed by a recapitulation, but in reverse order (andantino then allegretto). 

Regarding musical material, pentatonic melodic lines appear in different keys: i – in C, ii in A, iii – in Fa sharp. iv –  in E flat, and v – in C again, and they are always blended, with the 3-note cell E,F,B with its perpetual reflections and transpositions.

As in all my works, in Pentasonata I was seeking to achieve a balance between heart and mind, intellect and emotion.

Andrzej Panufnik

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