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Choral Music Experience Institute 2005

(May 2005)

2005 CME Institute for Choral Teacher Education comes to Toronto

The Choral Music Experience Institute is a professional development course on training and repertoire for children's choirs, offering a unique opportunity for conductors and teachers to train with the internationally acclaimed conductor/teacher Doreen Rao. Hosted by the University of Toronto, Victoria College Campus, the course will take place from July 16 to 24, 2005.

Choral Music Experience is a complete resource for choral music education. It offers the widest range of repertoire for children’s, youth and community choirs, from choral classics to contemporary and world music, with extensive training material for teachers. Together these provide an integrated curriculum for teaching music through singing - a performance approach to music education.

Institute courses will focus on training the young voice and the study of a diverse choral repertoire as a basis for teaching musicianship in children’s choirs. Masterclasses in conducting skills, score analysis and vocal techniques will be included as part of a comprehensive daily program.  The 2005 Institute will focus on the teaching, singing, and conducting of works by J.S. Bach, Felix Mendelssohn, and Benjamin Britten, as well as contemporary composers Daniel Brewbaker and John Burge.

Other program offerings include African Singing, Dancing, and Drumming with Kathy Armstrong, and Tai Chi Chuan for singers and conductors with Bill Perison.

For more information and registration information, please visit

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