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Big Beats

Christopher Norton
A new playalong concept from the creator of Microjazz.

Easy solo pieces in pop styles with start-of-the-art CD accompaniments.  Play the solo piece "straight" or add the backing tracks and enter a whole new world of sound.

Chris Norton does it again with his unique blend of traditional technique with popular styles.  Students will learn all about technique - rhythm, co-ordination and listening, but they'll be having so much fun, they won't know they're doing it!

Big Beats is available in six great-tasting flavours:
Techno Treat
Country Comfort
Smooth Groove
Chunky Phunky
Celtic Melt
R&B Ripple

Listen to soundclips online or email us to receive a free CD sampler.

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"This is not just more of the same, far from it.  All the pieces work on their own or with the CD combo backing.  The composer sees it it as building more than just jazz feel and technique.  Musicianship, ensemble skills, improvisation and co-ordination - all these are addressed marvellously.  He believes this is Microjazz for the next generation, more dramatic, more interactive and certainly smarter to look at.  I can't argue with this!  It looks and sounds great - another Boosey/Norton surefire success" (John York, Piano Magazine).

"The most interesting backing tracks I think I have ever heard and make good listening on their own ... I strongly recommend this edition for players of grade 3 - 5 standard with good rhythmic skills"  (Techno Treat Flute - Music Teacher Magazine)

"Welcome to the 21st century! Chris Norton has brought playalong CDs into a new age. Gone is the cheese of  the top 10 hits of the last decade; the sound world of the average 6th former has reached the flute world. Not being terribly well-versed in the latest trends to hit the teen scene, I am hesitant to describe the Smooth Groove sound. However, snippets of every track from the three books are available to download from the Boosey & Hawkes website. Go to and search the online catalogue. I would strongly recommend you give a few moments of your time to experience these exciting new publications.  Smooth Groove would be particularly suitable for intermediate players who are off the exam track or who just want something more akin to their out-of-hours listening experiences. A very well-produced publication. Don't miss it".  (Pan Magazine, British Flute Society)"

"Very imaginative .... recommended with confidence" (Music Teacher Magazine)

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