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Norton, Christopher - Christopher Norton's Guide to Microjazz
description: Piano

PublisherBoosey & Hawkes (London)
Availability: Stock Title
Level of Difficulty:Various
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Christopher Norton, creator of the enduring Microjazz series, gives a unique insight into his music and how best to teach it, in partnership with piano pedagogue Scott McBride Smith. Norton has been workshopping his compositions throughout Europe, the USA and SE Asia for many years, and here shares this experience, demonstrating the art of learning and teaching these ever-popular pieces. In a simple step-by-step approach, this book covers the aspects of piano technique required for authentic and stylish performances of the many popular styles covered in the Microjazz repertoire.

If you are just getting started with microjazz, or if you’re an experienced microjazz player who wants to deepen your microjazz understanding, this book is for you. You will find interpretive advice, practice suggestions and teaching tips that will improve your performance and teaching of all types of music – and make your microjazz experience even more fun.

You can use Christopher Norton’s Guide to microjazz in different ways:

Read it straight through for an overview. You will discover some great pieces you probably haven’t played yet!
Study the pieces featured in this book and see what the composer has to say about them, dipping into any chapter as needed.
Look for Tips from Chris (marked with a star) throughout the book for some useful practice and performance tools. Look at Notes from Scott (marked with a note ) for learning and practice strategies. And explore Check it out! for lists of ‘if you liked that, you will like this’ – other microjazz pieces to enjoy.

About the Authors:

Christopher Norton is world renowned for his authentic, appealing, yet educationally-sound pieces in popular styles. His microjazz series was started in the 1980s and remains extremely popular with students and teachers around the world. His new series, American Popular Piano, co-authored with Scott McBride Smith, develops fundamental musicianship and pianistic skills, right from the formative early years. Having presented in dozens of countries around the world, his fresh and uplifting approach never fails to inspire and enlighten. Christopher Norton is published by Boosey & Hawkes, Universal Edition, Frederick Harris Music and Novus Via Music Group. He also works as a record producer, a writer
of music for television, and has made numerous production music albums.

Scott McBride Smith is a recognised leader in music education. As co-author of the ground-breaking new series American Popular Piano, he has helped create a course of study for today’s students – providing tools that inspire the necessary hard work while playing music they love. As former president of Royal American Conservatory Examinations, he worked to establish standards by championing national curriculum and assessment in the USA. As CEO of the International Institute for Young Musicians, he leads a summer programme offering specialised training for gifted young performers from around the world. And as a former division president of Music Teachers National Association and president-elect of CAPMT, he works on issues that affect all professionals in the music teaching community. A teacher of prize-winning students in Irvine, California, Dr Smith is co-author of the college text The Well-Tempered Keyboard Teacher and associate editor of the magazine Keyboard Companion.


01 About the authors
02 What is microjazz?
03 Ways to approach microjazz
04 Struttin’
05 A day in Majorca
06 Play it again
07 Jazz waltz
08 Cheeky
09 Oriental flower
10 In a hurry
11 Imps
12 Creating mini-recitals with microjazz
13 Glossary
14 List of microjazz pieces

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