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Huws Jones, Edward - Early Music Fiddler
description: Violin

PublisherBoosey & Hawkes (London)
SeriesFiddler Collections
Availability: Stock Title
Level of Difficulty:Intermediate
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A rich tapestry of European music from the 13th-16th centuries. Includes the medieval Estampie Royale and the famous L'homme armé, Kemp's Jig and Henry VIII's favourite Pastime with Good Company via a rollicking Morris dance, a comical Bourée and more! The violin part comes with optional easy violin part and guitar chords.


Ach Els’lein, liebstes Elselein (15th century German)
Calata (16th century Italian)
English dance (13th century English)
Estampie royale (13th century French)
Gaillarde: Mrs Winter’s jump (Michael Praetorius)
Hélas madame (attrib. Henry VIII)
J’ay mis mon cuer (Guillaume Dufay)
Kemp’s jig (16th century English)
L’homme armé (15th century French)
La Bourée (Michael Praetorius)
La gamba (16th century Italian)
La morisque (Tielman Susato)
Par le regard de vos beaux yeux (Guillaume Dufay)
Pastime with good company (attrib. Henry VIII)
Pavane: La Venissienne (Claude Gervaise)
Recercada (Diego Ortiz)
Ronde: Pour quoy (Tielman Susato)
Saltarello (14th century Italian)
Watkins’ ale (16th century English)
Winder wie ist (Neithart von Reuenthal)

Press Reviews

"Another inspired volume of fiddle pieces...Edward Huws Jones' s enthusiasm for his subject is infectious".
ESTA Winter 2000

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