Pithecanthropus Erectus was Charles Mingus's breakthrough as a leader and composer.

The year was 1956. The defining moment was framed in no less than the historic Atlantic Studios in New York City, with the legendary producer Nesuhi Ertegün at the ready. From the start of the title cut, Mingus electrified with a 4-bar motif that would later be compared to John Coltrane's "A Love Supreme."

As an unrivalled master of the bass, Mingus also established himself with this masterwork as an extraordinarily rich composer.

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Photo credit: Steve Huey, allmusic.com

Boosey & Hawkes proudly makes available for the first time Pithecanthropus Erectus, a groundbreaking piece for symphonic orchestra and jazz musicians by one of the most important figures in twentieth century American music - virtuoso bassist, accomplished composer, and bandleader, Charles Mingus.

More on Mingus: Alvin Ailey choreographed an hour program called "The Mingus Dances" during a 1972 collaboration with the Robert Joffrey Ballet Company, in which Pithecanthropus Erectus was featured.

Please contact Adina Williams, [email protected], for perusal scores and more information regarding this brand new work available from Boosey & Hawkes.

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