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Frank Michael Beyer

Frank Michael Beyer © Stefan Moses
1928 - 2008


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The musical aesthetics of Frank Michael Beyer owe much to his childhood years in Greece * The sure craftsmanship of his work as a composer, performer (organ, piano, conducting) and teacher is spiritually and sensually rooted in a 'classical' tendency towards formal synthesis of individual elements and in a sensual Mediterranean correlation of creative processes * Even the titles of some of his compositions are revealing, such as Griechenland (Greece), Melos, Geburt des Tanzes (Birth of Dance) or Persephone * Studied in Berlin and Leipzig * Teacher at the Berlin Music College, where he founded the Institute for New Music in 1990 * 1986-2003 Director of the music department of the Academy of the Arts in Berlin * His abundant oeuvre, of which church music makes up an important part, comprises works of all genres except opera

Works by Frank Michael Beyer include:
Fantasies for Strings on a Theme by J S Bach (1977)
Geburt des Tanzes (Birth of Dance) (1987) Ballet
Musik der Frühe (Music of Dawn) (1992/93) Concerto for violin and orchestra
Fuga fiammata (1999) for orchestra
"Frank Michael Beyer's music is challenging and inviting at the same time; it is music which, notwithstanding its dense structure, gives pleasure to the listener – it is music which is equally open to analysis, to aesthetic reflection and to an enjoyable listening experience." — Peter Becker
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