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Wolfgang-Andreas Schultz

Wolfgang-Andreas Schultz
b. 1948


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Wolfgang-Andreas Schultz studied musicology, philosophy and German language and literature and during that time took composition lessons * 1970 second prize at the composers' competition of the Hamburg Association of Composers and Music Teachers (LTM) for Vier Lieder nach Gedichten von Georg Trakl * 1972 studied composition with Ernst Gernot Klussmann, later with György Ligeti, and later became his assistant * composed the full length operas Sturmnacht (Nuremberg, 1987) and Achill unter den Mädchen (Kassel, 1997) and the dance poem Shiva * 1988 professor for composition and music theory at the Hamburg Music College * He has published a number of texts on music history and musicology

Works by Wolfgang-Andreas Schultz include:
4th Symphony 'The Voices of Andalucia' (2005/06) for soprano and orchestra
Sakuntala (Violin Concerto No.2) (2010/11)
Wandlungen eines gefallenen Engels (2000) for solo clarinet
1st Symphony – The Voices of Chartres (1999) for large orchestra
"I always imagine things visually. My works are narrations. This places me outside the mainstream of music after 1945, with its continuing tendency towards abstraction." – Wolfgang-Andreas Schultz

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