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Strauss, Johann

Fledermaus (1874)

Duration: 160 minutes
Operetta in three acts, in the Metropolitan Opera version by Howard Dietz and Garson Kanin

Lyrics by Howard Dietz and text by Garson Kanin, based on the libretto to 'Die Fledermaus' by Haffner and Genée (E)

2S,M,3T,2Bar,speaker; chorus 2(II=picc).2.2.2-
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World Premiere
Theater an der Wien, Vienna
Conductor: Johann Strauss
Company: Vienna Opera


GABRIEL VON EISENSTEIN, a young man of leisureTenor
ROSALINDA, Eisenstein's wifeSoprano
ADELE, Rosalinds's maidSoprano
DR. BLIND, a solicitorTenor
DR. FALKE, a notaryBaritone
COLONEL FRANK, the prison governorBaritone
PRINCE ORLOFSKY, a young princeMezzo Soprano
IDA, Adele's sisterSoprano
FROSCH, a jailerspeaking role
Guests and servants of Prince Orlofskychorus

Time and Place
Late 19th century, a Spa near a huge city (Vienna)

Alfred serenades Rosalinda while Rosalinda's maid Adele wonders how she can attend Prince Orlofsky's ball. That night, Rosalinda’s husband Eisenstein must begin some minor jail time.  Dr Falke persuades Eisenstein to go with him to Orlofsky's party instead of jail. Eisenstein reminds the doctor of the time he left him out in the park the night after a costume party. Falke was awakened at broad daylight by a jeering crowd and had to sulk home in his bat costume.  Adele is given the night off, and she attends the party. Alfred reappears at Rosalinda's home.  At Falke's request, Rosalinda goes to Orlofsky's party disguised as a Hungarian Countess.  Alfred is taken to jail, mistaken for Eisenstein. Falke sets his practical joke in motion. He introduces Eisenstein to Orlofsky and mentions that Adele is an actress named Olga.  Rosalinda arrives wearing a mask, and Eisenstein unknowingly woos his wife. When the clock strikes six, Eisenstein hurries off to jail. He turns himself in, but the jailer believes Alfred is Eisenstein. The complications come to a climax when all gather at the jail after the party breaks up. Dr Falke tells Eisenstein that the party's events were merely his revenge.

Comic, Dramatic


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