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Photo: Stadttheater Klagenfurt / Helge Bauer
Klagenfurt 2010 (WP), Josef E. Köpplinger dir.

Cherubini - Cullmann (CHERUBINI-EDITION)

Koukourgi (1792-93)

Duration: 120 minutes
Opéra-comique in three acts

Libretto by Honoré-Marie-Nicolas Duveyrier (F)

Major roles: S,2T,4B; minor roles: 2B; chorus; 2(II=picc).2.2.2-
Abbreviations (PDF).

This work is available from Boosey & Hawkes for the world.

World Premiere
Stadttheater, Klagenfurt
Josef E. Köpplinger, director
Conductor: Peter Marschik
Company: Stadttheater Klagenfurt


AMAZAN, orphanTenor
SÉCURO, his teacherBass
PHAOR, servant and scaredy catBass
KOUKOURGI, mandarinTenor
ZAMTI, Chinese general, his fatherBass
FOHI, Lord of the castleBass
ZULMA, his daughterSoprano
The BONZE, a Buddhist priestBass
An OfficerBass
Zulma's entouragechorus
A Soldier

Time and Place
China - a forest and a castle occupied by Tatars with its surroundings

Amazan, an orphan, has been brought up by Fohi. When Fohi learns of the love between his foster son and his daughter Zulma, however, he throws Amazan out of his castle. Amazan roams the forests, accompanied by his servant, Sécuro. It is there that an escaped servant tells him that Fohi's castle has been besieged by enemy Tatar soldiers. Worried about Zulma, Amazan strikes out for home. Meanwhile, Zulma has approached the camp of Koukourgi’s soldiers and asks him to free her father from the castle. Koukourgi places Amazan at the vanguard of his troops, intending to stay in the forest with Zulma. He reveals his love to her. She, however, decides to join the troops. Reluctantly, Koukourgi follows them, surrounded by soldiers in order to shield himself. The battle is won, but there is no trace of Fohi. Eventually, when muffled cries and blows are heard from underground, Koukourgi resolves to take flight. Courageously, Amazan searches the basement dungeons where he succeeds in freeing Fohi. Although Koukourgi has promised him a reward, he threatens Amazan when he hears about his love to Zulma. Koukourgi is not willing to renounce his own love for Zulma. In desperation, Amazan hurls himself into a new battle against the Tatars. When he returns after his triumphant victory, Koukourgi’s father, Zamti, is among those who welcome him. Repelled by his son’s behaviour, he puts an end to his villainous, contemptible advances. All honours and powers, along with Zulma’s hand, are granted to Amazan.



Recommended Recording
Stadttheater Klagenfurt 2010 (WP)
Arthaus Musik 101 638

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