Strauss, Richard : Der Rosenkavalier  (The Knight of the Rose)  op. 59 (1909-10)  200'

Comedy for music in three acts

Music Text

Libretto by Hugo von Hofmannsthal (G,Cz,E,F,I,R)

Major roles: dramS,lyrcolS,dramM,charB,B; minor roles: S,A,T; small roles: 2S,M,A,8T,Bar,6B,mimes; small chorus 3(III=picc).3(III=corA).3(I=Ccl,II=Ccl,III=Dcl,Ebcl).bcl(=bhn). 3(III=dbn)- BD/glsp/bells/sleigh bells/ratchet-cel-pft-2harp- strings( reduced where necessary)Off-stage orchestra: 2. 1.1.Ebcl.2- strings( doubl ed if necessary)
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This work is available from Boosey & Hawkes for all countries except Germany, Italy, Portugal, Danzig, and the former territories of the USSR.

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World Premiere
Hofoper, Dresden
Dresden Hofoper / Ernst von Schuch

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