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P. Graham, David
Pachelbel, Johann
Paderewski, Ignaz Jan (1860-1941)
Paepke, G.
Paganini, Niccolò (1782-1840)
Page, Nick (b. 1952)
Page, Robert
Pahlen, Kurt (1907-2003)
Paliev, Dobri
Palmer, Anthony (b. )
Palmer, Christopher
Palmer, Todd
Pan, Hwang-Long (b. 1945)
Panufnik, Andrzej (1914-1991)
Papoulis, James (b. 1959)
Papoulis, Jim (b. )
Parker, Jim
Parlow (b. 1890)
Parlow, Edmund
Parr, Dorothy
Parry, C.H.H.
Parry, Joseph
Part, Arvo (b. 1935)
Patachich, Ivan
Patella, Fred
Patterson, Mark
Patterson, Merlin
Patterson, Paul
Paudert, Ernst (1864-1912)
Paulus, Stephen
Paxton, Stephen
Payne, Anthony (b. 1936)
Peaslee, Richard
Peletsis, Georgy (b. 1947)
Peloquin, C Alexander (b. 1918)
Penaforte, Raimundo
Perera, R.
Peress, Maurice
Pergolesi, Giovanni Battista (1710-1736)
Pergolesi, Luigi
Perison, Bill
Perlman, George
Permont, Haim
Perrin, Marcel
Perrin, Mary
Perry, Harold
Peter, HA
Petermann, Ernst
Peters, Emerson
Peters, Wolfgang
Peterson, Wayne (b. 1927)
Petrie, H
Petrie, H/Schlenkermann, F
Petrov, V
Pfitzner, Hans (1869-1949)
Pflüger, Hans Georg (1944-1999)
Phibbs, Joseph
Philidor, François-André (1726-1795)
Philip Mossman, Michael
Philippi, E
Phillips, Paul
Phillips, Peter
Phillips, Sheena
Piatti, Alfredo
Piazzolla, Astor
Pieringer, Franz
Pierne, Gabriel (b. 1863)
Pierson, Alan
Pinksterboer, Hugo
Pinsuti, Ciro (1829-1888)
Piston, Walter (1894-1976)
Plakidis, P
Platonov, Nicolai
Platt, Alexander
Pleyel, Ignaz (1757-1831)
Pogson, Steve (b. 1952)
Pompey, Angel Martin (b. 1902)
Ponchielli, Amilcare (b. 1834)
Poole, David
Popov, Nikolai
Popper, David (b. 1843)
Porpora, Nicola (b. 1686)
Porter, Cole (1891-1964)
Porter, M
Porter, Steven
Poser, Hans
Poston, Elizabeth (1905-1987)
Praetorius, Michael
Press, Michel
Previtali, Fernando (1907-1985)
Prietzel, A.
Prigozhin, L
Prokofieff, Serge (1891-1953)
Pryor, Arthur
Puccini, Giacomo (1858-1924)
Purcell, Henry (1659-1695)
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