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Enrico Chapela

 b. 1974Photo: Enrico Chapela, © Bernd Uhlig


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Enrico Chapela is one of the most exciting young talents to emerge from Latin America, with a growing number of international performances and commissions * studied guitar and composition in Mexico City and Paris/St Denis his musical style seeks to fuse different geographic traditions and musical soundworlds, so that contemporary techniques can happily coexist with minimalist, jazz or rock idioms * symphonic poem ínguesu, a 9-minute musical rendering of the 1999 Mexico vs. Brazil soccer match, has travelled widely since its premiere by the Carlos Chavez Symphony Orchestra in 2003, including a North American tour in 2007 by the Philharmonic Orchestra of the Americas * successful CD entitled "Antagónica", with ínguesu, La Mengambrea and Lo nato es neta for rock trio and acoustic quintets

Works by Enrico Chapela include:
Noctámbulos (2008) – Rock trio concerto
ínguesu (2003) – symphonic poem
La Mengambrea (2002) – saxophone quartet
Lo nato es neta (2001–03) – rock trio and acoustic quintets

Also visit the Enrico Chapela website at

Looking Ahead: perf. of MAGNETAR in Mexico (Oct 2015); recording/WP of Piroklasta at Radio France (Nov); new flute concerto Tetracrómatas for soloist Alejandro Escuer to be premiered at Mexican FONCA Festival (19 Oct 2015); WP of enlarged version of Private Alleles in Berkeley with Joana Carneiro (Mar 2016)


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