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Olga Neuwirth

Olga Neuwirth Photo © Harald Hoffmann
b. 1968


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Olga Neuwirth studied composition in San Francisco, later in Vienna with Erich Urbanner, graduating with a thesis on film music in a film by Resnais * Adriana Hölszky, Tristan Murail and Luigi Nono were important influences on her own music * In 1998, two concerts of the 'Next Generation' series at the Salzburg festival featured her work * 2002 composer-in-residence at the Lucerne Festival * Her music shows an amazing variety of sound patterns which lead the listener into a labyrinth of constant metamorphosis * Deconstructs language and other everyday sounds in order to find new, musical contexts for familiar acoustical elements

Works by Olga Neuwirth include:
Locus...doublure...solus (2001) for piano and ensemble or piano and orchestra
torsion: transparent variation (2001) for solo bassoon and ensemble
Lost Highway (2002-03) music theatre work based on David Lynch's film
"Olga Neuwirth loves a changeable, amorphous sound - a sound whose inner and outer forms are constantly moving" — Stefan Drees

Also visit the Olga Neuwirth website at www.olganeuwirth.com
Compositions before 2000 and after 2009 are published with Ricordi.
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