Glossary of Abbreviations

On these shopping pages, you may encounter product titles which contain acronyms and abbreviations. If you are puzzled by these, please check the list below to find their meaning.

MC March Card
ORCH Full Orchestra
SB Symphonic Band
SET Score & Parts
STR ORCH String Orchestra

CORN Cornet
EUPH Euphonium
HN Horn
TPT Trumpet
TRBN Trombone

2PF4HD 2 Pianos (4 hands)
ACC Accordion
ELEC KB Electric Keyboard
EPP Easy Piano Pieces (series)
HPD Harpsichord
ORG Organ
PF Piano
PF4HD Piano Duet (4 hands)
PVG Piano Vocal Guitar

Dut Dutch
Eng English
Fin Finnish
Fre French
Ger German
Hun Hungarian
Ita Italian
Jap Japanese
Lat Latin
Nea Neapolitan
Por Portuguese
Rus Russian
Sla Slavonic
Spa Spanish
Swe Swedish

# Sharp
AB or ABRSM Associated Board of the Royal Schools of Music
b [e.g. Ebmaj] Flat [e.g. E flat major]
BC Bass Clef
BK Book
CASS Cassette tape
CD Compact Disc
CD-Rom CD-Rom
cm Centimetre
H High
HB Hardback
in Inch
L Low
M Medium
Maj Major
Min Minor
No Number
Op Opus
PB Paperback
PTS Individual Instrumental Parts
PVG Piano Vocal Guitar
SET Score & Parts
SMF Standard Midi File
TC Treble Clef
TCHR Teacher's Book
VID Video (VHS cassette tape - PAL format)
Vol Volume
W+M Words & melody

GLOCK Glockenspiel
MAR Marimba
PERC Percussion
Timp Timpani
XYL Xylophone

COLL ED Collected Edition
CSC Choral Score
FSC Full Score
HPS Hawkes Pocket Score
HSS Hawkes Score Series (=score + parts)
MW Masterworks series (full size, high quality scores)
ORCH CON SC Orchestral Conductor's Score
PC Piano Conductor
PSC Pocket Score
STSC Study Score
VSC Vocal Score

4tet Quartet
5tet Quintet
DB Double Bass
GTR Guitar
HP Harp
HRP Harp
PVG Piano Vocal Guitar
Qnt Quintet
Qrt Quartet
VLA Viola
VLC Cello
VLN Violin

A Alto
B Bass
CSC Choral Score
HVCE High Voice
LVCE Low Voice
MHVCE Medium High Voice
MLVCE Medium Low Voice
MVCE Medium Voice
MZ Mezzo Soprano
PVG Piano Vocal Guitar
S Soprano
SSA 2 Soprano parts and 1 Alto
T Tenor
UNIS Unison voices
VCE Voice
VSC Vocal Score

ASAX Alto Saxophone
BN Bassoon
BPIPE Bagpipe
CL Clarinet
DREC Descant Recorder
FL Flute
HARM Harmonica
OB Oboe
PICC Piccolo
REC Recorder
SAX Saxophone
TREC Treble Recorder
TSAX Tenor Saxophone