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A Midsummer Night's Dream (Opus Arte DVD) $32.55$27.67
All'S Well That Ends Well (2011) (Opus Arte DVD) $32.55$27.67
Antony & Cleo (OPUS ARTE DVD) $32.55$27.67
As You Like It (Opus Arte Blu-Ray Disc)  $40.69$34.58
As You Like It (Opus Arte DVD) $32.55$27.67

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Com/Rom/Trag (Opus Arte 4-DVD set) $80.03$68.03
Comedy Of Errors (Opus Arte DVD) $32.55$27.67
Comedy Romance Tragedy (Opus Arte Blu-Ray x3) $56.97$48.42

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From Shakespeare With Love (Nab Audio CD) $11.53$9.80

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Gentlemen Verona (Opus Arte Blu-Ray Disc) $40.69$34.58
Gentlemen Verona (Opus Arte DVD) $32.55$27.67
Globe 400th Anniversary Edition (Opus Arte DVD x21) $162.79$138.37
Great Speeches (Naxos Audiobook Spoken Word CD) $14.96$12.72

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Hamlet (Naxos Audiobook Spoken Word CD) $18.98$16.13
Hamlet (Naxos Audiobook Spoken Word CD) $23.00$19.55
Henry IV - part 1 (Opus Arte DVD) $32.55$27.67
Henry IV - part 2 (Opus Arte DVD) $32.55$27.67
Henry IV 1 & 2 (Opus Arte DVD x2) $56.97$48.42
Henry IV 1 & 2 (Opus Arte Blu-Ray Disc x2) $63.75$54.19
Henry IV Part 1 (Opus Arte Blu-Ray Disc) $40.69$34.58
Henry IV Part 1 (Opus Arte DVD) $32.55$27.67
Henry IV Part 2 (Opus Arte Blu-Ray Disc) $40.69$34.58
Henry IV Part 2 (Opus Arte DVD) $32.55$27.67
Henry V (Naxos Audiobook Spoken Word CD) $18.98$16.13
Henry V (Opus Arte Blu-Ray Disc) $40.69$34.58
Henry V (Opus Arte DVD) $32.55$27.67
Henry VIII (Opus Arte DVD) $32.55$27.67
Historical Shakespeare Recs (Naxos Audiobook Spoken Word CD) $14.96$12.72

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Julius Caesar (Nab 2-Disc Audio CD) $14.91$12.67
Julius Caesar (OPUS ARTE DVD) $32.55$27.67

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King And Country Box (Opus Arte Blu-Ray Disc x4) $97.67$83.02
King And Country Box (Opus Arte DVD x4) $80.03$68.03
King Lear (Naxos Audiobook Spoken Word CD) $18.98$16.13
King Richard III (Naxos Audiobook Spoken Word CD) $18.98$16.13

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Loves Labours (Opus Arte Blu-Ray Disc) $40.69$34.58
Loves Labours (Opus Arte DVD) $32.55$27.67
Loves Labours Lost (Opus Arte Blu-Ray DVD) $40.69$34.58
Loves Labours Lost (Opus Arte DVD) $32.55$27.67

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Macbeth (rep) (Naxos Audiobook Spoken Word CD) $18.98$16.13
Measure For (Opus Arte DVD) $32.55$27.67
Merchant Venice (Opus Arte Blu-Ray Disc) $40.69$34.58
Merchant Venice (Opus Arte DVD) $32.55$27.67
Merchant Venice (Opus Arte DVD) $32.55$27.67
Midsummer Nights Dream (Naxos Audiobook Spoken Word CD) $18.98$16.13
Much Ado About (Opus Arte Blu-Ray Disc) $40.69$34.58
Much Ado About (Opus Arte DVD) $32.55$27.67
Much Ado About Nothing (2011) (Opus Arte DVD) $32.55$27.67

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Othello (Johannesburg Market Theatre, 1988) ( NTSC) (Arthaus DVD) $41.57$35.33
Othello (Nab 2-disc set) $18.32
Othello (Naxos Audiobook Spoken Word CD) $18.98$16.13
Othello (Opus Arte Blu-Ray Disc) $40.69$34.58
Othello (Opus Arte DVD) $32.55$27.67

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Richard II (Opus Arte Blu-Ray Disc) $40.69$34.58
Richard II (Opus Arte DVD) $32.55$27.67
Richard II (Opus Arte DVD) $32.55$27.67
Romeo & Juliet (Naxos Audiobook Spoken Word CD) $18.98$16.13
Romeo And Juliet (Opus Arte Blu-Ray Disc)  $40.69$34.58
Romeo And Juliet (Opus Arte DVD 2-disc set) $32.55$27.67

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Shakespeare Great Comedies (Opus Arte DVD x3) $48.83$41.50
Shakespeare In Song (Chandos SACD Super Audio CD) $22.03$18.73
Shakespeare: Merchant of Venice (Nab Audio CD 2-disc set) $14.25
Sonnets (Naxos Audiobook Spoken Word CD) $18.98$16.13
Special Edition (Opus Arte Blu-Ray Disc x2) $63.75$54.19
Special Edition (Opus Arte DVD x2) $56.97$48.42
Stories (Naxos Audiobook Spoken Word CD) $18.98$16.13
Stories From Shakespeare vol.(Naxos Audiobook Spoken Word CD)  $18.98$16.13

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Tempest (Naxos Audiobook Spoken Word CD) $14.96$12.72
The Essential Shakespeare - Live (Opus Arte Audio CD x4) $32.55$27.67
The Merry Wives Of Windsor (Opus Arte DVD) $32.55
The Tempest (OPUS ARTE DVD) $33.24$28.25
Titus Andronicus (Opus Arte DVD) $32.55$27.67
Twelfth Night (Naxos Audiobook Spoken Word CD) $14.96$12.72

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Venus & Adonis (Naxos Audiobook Spoken Word CD) $18.98$16.13