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Grade Exam Music

This product includes pieces featured in grade exams. Click on a grade to view the full syllabus.

ABRSM Singing from 201812  

A practical and easy-to-use resource for the music curriculum that will help you solve the mystery of how to get children to sing well.

This book contains:
* A wide variety of songs and games specially written for young voices
* Two demonstration CDs that bring the music to life and help you teach the songs
* Fact files and case notes which show you how to use the songs in the classroom

Suitable for generalist and specialist teachers, Singing Sherlock 2 helps deliver the music curriculum at KS 2 (7-11s) and develop quality singing, vocal skills and general musical skills.

Written by two of the most highly experienced singing trainers, both of whom contributed to the ongoing skills units of the DfES/QCA's Schemes of Work, Singing Sherlock is a unique collection of tried and tested songs, guaranteed to inspire good singing in your school.

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What is it?
A collection of songs, games and singing activities, along with uncomplicated guidance on how to get children singing well. The books are divided into sections which explore different aspects of singing, such as rhythm and beat, communication and expression, vocal prepration and singing in parts.

Who is it for?
Vol. 1 is for children up to age seven; vol. 2 for seven to eleven year olds. They are equally suitable for the classroom and the choir rehearsal, and both specialist musicians and non-specialists will find these books appropriate to their needs.

Why do I need it?
It can be used as a self-contained singing programme or as an occasional resource, and the material is both fun and instructive. 'Factlines' outline the focus for each section, and each song has its own 'case notes' which explain how to teach it, how to develop ideas and how to get the most from the singers. It also links to the QCA Ongoing Skills unit.


01. Watch out, Sherlock's about! How to use this book
02. Sherlock's Masterplan - teaching the songs
03. Section 1 Voice Gym and Tune-up
04. Lickety Split
05. John Kanakanaka
06. My Dog
07. Haunted House
08. Heads and Shoulders Baby
09. Grandma Grandma
10. Left Left
11. Crash beep beep
12. Step back baby
13. Coffee Pots
14. Section 2 Moving On
15. Africa
16. Moving on Up
17. Many Shades of Blue
18. Magic Travel Machine
19. Last Minute Calypso
20. Shadow
21. Maleezweh
22. Something Spooky
23. Down in the Jungle
24. Section 3 Clued In!
25. Si, Si, Si
26. Kids!
27. Jack Frost
28. Tina Singu
29. Roller Ghoster
30. Hine Ma Tov
31. Pop Idol
32. Together
33. Times Must Be Changing
34. Creatures of the Deep
35. DfES/QCA Schemes of Work - concordance

Press Reviews

"After a term and a half of delivering singing sessions to our local Junior schools I have become a follower of Sherlock and have recommended the books to colleagues, school music teachers etc.  Perhaps a bigger recommendation is that the pupils themselves have been turned on to singing while I have been using these books."
(National Association of Choirs, March 2003)

"In the short time that these two books have been available they have already become established as a necessary component of any primary music collection. They appear to be successful on two counts: firstly, they consider developmental issues in children's singing. The songs get progressively more complex in terms of subject matter, melodic contour and rhythm. Teachers are supported by a series of case notes, which offer advice on vocal skills and extension activities. Secondly, very experienced writers of children's song, such as Lin Marsh, Alan Simmons and David Lawrence, have written the songs. The topics are relevant to today's children and the quality of the music is generally stimulating and engaging".
(MMA Journal, September 2003)

"Singing plays a central role in music education, especially in primary schools, and Singing Sherlock is a well thought-out resource which contains valuable and attractive material that will appeal to children."

"Singing Sherlock is an excellent new resource for primary schools containing songs both new and old that will be a welcome addition to any primary school music collection."
(Zone, Spring 2004)

"The three accompanying CDs provide an important performance model and give the starting note, the songs along with separate backing tracks for the more tricky pieces. It goes without saying that these books are a valuable teaching resource but more importantly, they are highly enjoyable. The songs are catchy and varied and the inclusion of raps and chants will motivate even the most reluctant of singers. Singing Sherlock is a superb collection which will surely inspire good singing in any school."
(Link magazine, Issue 10, Summer 2006)

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