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Cadenzas for Mozart's Andante KV 315 for flute $10.76
Cadenzas for Mozart's Flute Concerto No. 1 KV 313 $12.02
Cadenzas for Mozart's Flute Concerto No. 2 KV 314 $12.02
Cadenzas for Mozart's Rondo K. Anh. 184 for flute $10.76
Chamber Symphonies 1-3 (Bis SACD Super Audio CD) $19.61$16.67
Chamber Works (Bis Audio CD) $19.61$16.67
Chinese Songs and Symphony No.4 (BIS Audio CD) $19.90$16.92
Clarinet Concerto (score) $76.55
Contrabassoon Concerto $20.88

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Flute Concerto (score) $67.69

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In Memoriam Pehr Henrik Nordgren for violin $13.29

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Ludus Solemnis (BIS SACD) $20.23$17.20

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Nuppu for flute & piano $16.39

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Oboe Concerto/Solo Ix (Bis Hybrid SACD) $20.88$17.75
Oboe Quintet (BIS Audio CD) $19.90$16.92
Orchestral Works (+ CD) $31.57
Organ Works (Bis SACD Super Audio CD) $19.61$16.67

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Quintet - bassoon part $64.52
Quintet for alto saxophone, bassoon, viola, violoncello, double bass (score) $88.56
Quintet for Bassoon & String Quartet (study score) $60.72
Quintet for Flute, Oboe, Violin, Viola and Cello (set of parts) $43.01
Quintets (BIS Audio CD) $19.90$16.92

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Rakkaus On Musta Leijona - SSAA choir $4.43
Rituals (BIS Audio CD) $18.97$16.12

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Seven Inventions and Postlude for oboe & violoncello $30.30
Silence for orchestra (score) $35.42
Sinfonia uruille for organ $53.13
Solo IV for cello $10.06
Solo IX for oboe $13.91
Solo V for bassoon solo $20.18
Solo VI for double bass $20.18
Solo VII for trumpet $15.82
Solo VIII for euphonium $16.44
Solo X for horn $13.86
Solo XI for guitar $15.17
Sonata for piano $30.35
Sonata for violin $16.39
Stained Glass for women's choir (children's choir) (SSAA) $7.53
String Quartet III (score) $24.67
Symphony No. 1 for orchestra (study score) $35.42
Symphony No. 14, 'Rituals' for orchestra (score) $56.93
Symphony No. 15 (BIS SACD) $20.23$17.20
Symphony No. 2 for orchestra (study score) $35.42
Symphony No. 4 for orchestra (study score) $35.42
Symphony No. 8 (study score) $60.72
Symphony No.1/Violin Concerto (BIS Audio CD) $19.90$16.92
Symphony No.10 (BIS Audio CD) $19.90$16.92
Symphony No.11/Symphonic Dances (BIS Audio CD) $19.90$16.92
Symphony No.12 Luosto (BIS SACD Super Audio CD) $19.49
Symphony No.2 & 7 (BIS Audio CD) $19.90$16.92
Symphony No.8 (BIS Audio CD) $19.90$16.92
Symphony No.9/Concerto for cello and orchestra (BIS Audio CD) $19.90$16.92

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Three Songs to Texts by Mawlana Rumi for choir $22.76
Trio for clarinet, viola & piano (score) $36.68
Trio for clarinet, viola & piano (set of parts) $51.86
Tuba Concerto & Contrabassoon Concerto (BIS Audio CD) $19.90$16.92

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Wind Quintet (score) $56.88
Wind Quintet (set of parts) $60.67
Works For Solo Piano (BIS SACD) $20.23$17.20