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(Your Love Keeps Lifting Me) Higher and Higher SAB $2.23
¡Cantar! (Sing!) - SA $2.23
¡Cantar! (Sing!) - SAB $2.36
¡Cantar! (Sing!) (TB) $2.23
12 Songs of Christmas Althouse SATB 11609  $3.77
25th Day of December SATB $1.79
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A Blessing 2 part $1.92
A Blessing SSA $1.92
A Is For Alto Althouse 2pt  $1.60
A Is For Alto Sab  $1.79
A Two Part Alleluia for 2-part voices $2.55
Advent Alleluia Althouse SATB $2.23
All Alone Beneath The Mistletoe Sab  $1.60
All Alone Beneath The Mistletoe SATB  $2.49
Alleluia Allelu Althouse (opt C Inst) Sab  $1.60
Alleluia for SATB a cappella $1.92
Alleluia for SSAA a cappella $1.92
Amazing Grace 3part Mixed  $1.92
Amazing Grace Althouse SATB  $2.49
Amazing Grace ssaa $2.49
American Folk Suite (2pt) $1.92
And We Sing Gloria 2pt $1.92
And We Sing Gloria for 2-part voices $3.19
And We Sing Gloria for SATB choir $3.19
Angels' Gloria (2-part choir) $1.92
Anthem for Resurrection - brass accompaniment (set of parts) $14.68
Anthem for the Lord's Day for choir $2.43
Anthem for the Lord's Day for choir (10 CDs) $110.45
Anthem of Thanksgiving SATB $2.23
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Below The Mistletoe SATB & Piano $1.79
Bethlehem Hallelu SATB & Piano $1.79
Boys 'r Us 3Pt Mixed/Piano $1.79
Bye Bye Blackbird Althouse 2part  $2.23
Bye Bye Blackbird Althouse SATB  $2.49
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Candle In The Window 2pt  $1.92
Cantate Domino 2pt & Piano $2.49
Cantate Domino 3Part Mixed $2.49
Cantate Domino Althouse SATB  $2.49
Christmas for Solo Singers, Medium High Accompaniment CD  $13.97
Christmas Hallelu SATB & Piano $1.92
Come Follow Me Althouse 2part  $2.49
Come Follow Me Althouse Sab  $2.49
Come Follow Me SATB $2.49
Come into the Stable for SATB choir $1.92
Coming Home (SATB & Piano) $2.49
Con La Musica - SSA $1.92
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Down By The Riverside Althouse 2pt  $1.92
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Exsultate Cantamos Festivo (SATB) $2.87
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Festival Deck The Hall SSATB $1.92
Fiesta Navidad SATB & Piano $1.79
Folk Songs For Two Althouse (Book & CD)  $27.45
Folk Songs For Two Althouse Cd  $12.97
Follow Me To The Top (2pt) $1.92
For Jesus Christ is Risen Today for SATB choir $1.92
For The Children Albrecht/althouse 2 Part  $2.49
For We Are All His People SATB $1.92
Friends To The End Althouse 2part  $2.49
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Gentle Mary Tender Mary Althouse 2 Part  $1.60
Get on Board! for SAB choir $3.19
Gloria Allelu (2pt) $1.92
Gloria for 2-part voices $1.92
Gloria for SAB choir $1.92
Gloria In Excelsis 2-Part & Piano $1.92
Glory of Love SATB $1.28
Good News (Christmas Spiritual) SATB $2.49
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Hallelujah A Baby Is Born Althouse 2pt  $1.60
Hands United In Peace Rothenberg/althouse 2 Pt  $2.49
He Ain't Heavy He's My Brother Althouse Ssa  $2.49
He is a Mighty Lord for SATB choir $3.19
Headin' West (Three Cowboy Songs) for 2-part voices $1.92
Heri Za Krismas (2pt) $1.92
Hodie: A Christmas Fanfare SATB /Keybd $1.79
Hurricane Go Away Althouse 2pt  $1.92
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I Just Heard Some Good News for 2-part voices $1.28
I Just Heard Some Good News for SAB choir $1.28
I Just Heard Some Good News for SATB choir $2.43
I Just Heard Some Good News for TTBB a cappella $1.28
I saw a star 3-pt $1.60
In December Althouse 2pt  $1.92
In December Althouse SATB $2.11
In December Althouse SATB $1.92
Island Christmas 2part $1.60
It's Time to Go for SATB choir $2.43
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Jubilate Deo for 2-part voices $2.55
Jubilate Deo for SAB & organ $2.43
Jubilate Deo for SATB choir $2.55
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Let Heaven And Nature Sing Althouse 2part  $1.92
Let Heaven And Nature Sing Althouse SATB  $1.60
Let The Christ Child In Althouse 2pt  $1.60
Let The Christ Child In Althouse SATB  $2.49
Let There Be Peace On Earth 2 Pt  $2.49
Let There Be Peace On Earth Althouse Ssa  $2.49
Lift Up Your Voice Althouse SATB 7898  $1.60
Listen To The Music Althouse 2part  $1.60
Liza Jane Althouse Sab  $1.92
Look A That Star 3part Mixed $1.60
Look A That Star SATB A Cappella $2.49
Lord Here I Am Althouse SATB  $1.60
Lord I Stretch My Hands To You - SSA (Orchestral Set of Parts) $9.07
Lord I Stretch My Hands To You - SSA (Performance CD) $38.83
Lord I Stretch My Hands To You (SSA) $2.75
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Madrigal Madness SATB $1.92
May Our Paths Meet Again Albrecht/althouse 3pt  $1.60
May Sunshine Light Your Way 2part  $2.49
May Sunshine Light Your Way Albrecht/althouse 3pt  $1.60
Meditation for Communion for SATB a cappella $2.43
Merrily On High (Antiphonal Carol) SATB $2.04
Merry Christmas To All (2pt) $1.92
Mi Vida, Mi Canción (My Life, My Song) 2pt $1.92
More Like You Lord Althouse 2part  $1.60
Music Quizzes (60) $25.47
Music Speak To Me Now Althouse 3part Mixed  $2.49
My Lord What A Morning SATB 4296  $2.49
My Savior & My God SAB $2.49
My Savior And My God Althouse SATB 4249  $1.60
My Way Back Home SATB & Piano $2.49
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No Room SATB 7730 $1.60
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O That I Had A Thousand Voices Althouse SATB 4234  $2.49
Oh Sinner 2pt  $1.92
Oh, What a Wonderful Name (accompaniment CD) $28.73
Oh, What a Wonderful Name for SATB choir $3.19
On The Roof (i Saw Santa) Bell/althouse 2part  $2.49
On With The Show Althouse 2 Part  $1.92
One Small Step Albrecht/althouse 3pt  $1.60
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Pie Jesu Pyrtle/althouse 2pt/ssa  $1.92
Praise the Lord! Ye Heavens Adore Him for SATB choir $1.28
Praise the Lord, Ye Heavens for SAB choir $2.43
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Ready To Read Music $25.47
Ready To Sing Christmas $17.81
Ready To Sing Spirituals $17.81
Ready To Sing... Folk Songs $21.64
Rejoice, Rejoice Emmanuel for SATB choir $1.92
Risen Today! - orchestra (CD-ROM) $41.50
Risen Today! for SATB choir $2.43
Rock & Roll Party Tonight 2 Part 7997 $1.60
Rock & Roll Party Tonight 3 Part $2.49
Run, Run To Bethlehem SATB $1.92
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Sacred Solos for All Seasons $16.54
Scarborough Fair SSA $2.49
Shenandoah Althouse Sab $2.49
Shenandoah SATB $3.19
Shenandoah SSA $2.49
Shout Amen! for 2-part voices $1.92
Shout Amen! for SAB choir $2.55
Shout Amen! for SATB choir $2.55
Shout Shout Hallelujah 3Pt Mixed/Piano $1.92
Showtime! SAB $1.92
Sing Choirs of Angels SATB & Organ $2.87
Sing Noel:A Christmas Fanfare Althouse SATB  $2.49
Sing We Now of Christmas Althouse SATB 5827  $1.92
Slow Rockin Christmas Althouse SATB 7757  $2.49
Someone To Watch Over Me SSA  $2.23
Song of Joy 2 Part 5797 $2.49
Spirituals For Solo Singers Med High $13.41
Squeezin' Down The Chimney Althouse 2part  $1.92
Sunday Savers 2part $5.75
Sunday Savers For Sab Choirs $6.32
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That Good Old Country Music for SATB choir $5.75
This I Pray for SATB choir $3.19
This We Believe $2.43
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Uma Familia Sab  $2.49
Uma Familia SATB $1.79
Up on the Housetop for SATB choir $3.19
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We Can Build A Bridge 2 Part $2.49
We Can Build A Bridge Rothenberg/althouse SATB  $1.60
We're Gonna Put On A Show SATB & Piano $2.49
We're the Men (accompaniment CD) $31.28
We're the Men for SAB choir $2.43
We're the Men for TB choir $2.43
What Star Is This? $1.92
When Will We See The Little One Althouse SATB  $2.49
Who Can I Turn To 3 Pt Sab $1.66
Winter Day (2pt) $1.92
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Ye Shall Have A Song med/high $18.52
Ye Shall Have A Song med/low $18.52
Yes My Lord 2-Part $2.49
Yes My Lord Althouse 3pt Mix  $2.49
Yes My Lord Althouse SATB 7899  $1.47
You Made Me Love You Ssa  $2.49
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