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A Few Words About Chekhov - mezzo & baritone $14.56
A Water Bird Talk vocal score $39.74
Aspern Papers Vocal Score (Special Import 6-8 week despatch FIRM ORDER ONLY) $60.95

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Boor Vocal Score Vsb-22 $28.49
Bravo Mozart! HPS940 (Hawkes Pocket Scores series) $33.12

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Cabaret Songs Vocal Score $18.54
Capriccio For Clarinet Clarinet & Piano Wcb-143 $30.47
Casa Guidi - mezzo & piano $22.52
Casa Guidi HPS1225 (Hawkes Pocket Scores series) $30.47
Casanova's Homecoming vocal score $66.25
Collected Song Cycles - high voice & piano $26.49
Collected Song Cycles - low voice & piano $26.49

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Easter Day SATB $2.64
Everyone Sang SATB/SATB $10.59

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Fire Variations HPS1124 (Hawkes Pocket Scores series) $27.82
From The Diary of Virginia Woolf - voice & piano $25.17

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I Hate and I Love $19.86
I Hate And I Love SATB & percussion $13.24

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Jonah and the Whale vocal score $33.12

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Let All The World SATB, brass, timpani & organ $3.31
Letters From Composers - high voice & guitar $25.17

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Miss Havisham's Wedding Night vocal score $30.47
Miss Manners on Music - mezzo & piano $14.56

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Nation Of Cowslips SATB $9.26

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Orpheus SSA & piano $3.31

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Peter Quince At The Clavier SATB & piano $18.54
Postcard From Morocco Vocal Score $60.95
Prelude for Easter Dawning $8.61

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Seasons - SATB Chorus A Cappella $9.26
Six Elizabethan Songs - high voice & piano $19.86
Six Elizabethan Songs for high voice & baroque ensemble (score & parts) $50.34
Six Elizabethan Songs for high voice & piano $17.21
Six Elizabethan Songs for low voice & piano $17.21
Songs About Spring - soprano & piano $10.59
Sonnet No. LXIV SATB $2.64
Spirituals and Swedish Chorales SATB $9.26

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The Andrée Expedition - baritone & piano $27.82
The Choir Invisible SATB $2.64
The Choirmaster's Burial SATB $2.64
The Masque Of Angels vocal score $25.17
The Shoemakers' Holiday vocal score $39.74
The Vision - SATB & String Quartet $18.54
Three Meditations - Solo Soprano $18.54
Three Sonnets of Petrarch - baritone & piano $15.89
To Be Sung Upon The Water Vab-90 $27.82
To God $2.64
Toccata Of Galuppis SATB $18.54

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Valentino Dances (Version for 2 Pianos) $30.47
Voyage of Edgar Allan Poe Lib $9.26
Voyage of Edgar Allen Poe Vocal Score (Special Import 6-8 week despatch FIRM ORDER ONLY) $70.22

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Walden Pond - 3 cellos & harp parts $21.19
Walden Pond for SATB, 3 cellos and harp (full score) $21.19
Walden Pond SATB & piano $11.91
Waterbird Talk Vocal Score (Special Import 6-8 week despatch FIRM ORDER ONLY) $39.74