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3 Settings Celan (Score) $42.39
3 Settings of Celan (Set of Parts) $42.39
5 Distances For 5 Instruments (score) $23.41
5 Distances For 5 Instruments (set of parts) $63.90
9 Settings Of Celan (Full Score)  $31.62
9 Settings of Lorine Niedecker Soprano & Cello (Playing Score) $18.97


An Imaginary Landscape (study score) $68.01
An Interrupted Endless Melody Oboe & Piano $25.29
Angel Fighter / In Broken Images / Virelai (NMC Audio CD) $16.44
Antiphonies - piano 4 hands $44.92

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Bach Measures Full Score $25.29
Betty Freeman: Her Tango piano $15.82
Bow Down (Full Score) $36.63

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Cantata (Score) $41.12
Carmen Arcadiae Mechanicae Perpetuum $96.80
Carmen Paschale (organ score) $4.11
Clarinet Quintet $47.45
Concerto For Violin & Orchestra (Hawkes Pocket Score 1480) $41.74
Cortege (Study Score) $75.85
Crowd Harp $12.64
Cry of Anubis HPS1292 (Hawkes Pocket Scores series) $24.03

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Dinah & Nicks Love Song $27.20
Down By The Greenwood Side $81.61
Duets For Storab $13.86

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Earth Dances - Study Score $75.85
Endless Parade $65.73
Entr'Actes & Sappho Fragments $50.55
Epilogue - “Full Fathom Five” $53.08
Exody (23:59:59) HPS1338 (Hawkes Pocket Scores series) $32.89

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For O For O The Hobby Horse is Forgot $72.75
Four Songs Of Autumn $19.61

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Gawain - libretto $20.23
Gawain's Journey $81.61

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Harrison's Clocks piano $26.56
Hoquetus Petrus for 2 flutes and a piccolo trumpet (Score & Parts) $16.44

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In Broken Images (Hawkes Pocket Score - HPS 1574) $29.09

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La Plage (Score) $20.88
Last Supper Opera Lib $10.11
Lied ohne Worte (Cello & Piano) $12.64
Linoi $20.18
Lullaby - Digital Sheet Music $2.85

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Machaut à ma manière $45.49
Melencolia I/Meridian/Ritual Fragment (NMC Audio CD) $16.44
Meridian $94.83
Monody For Corpus Christi $17.08

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Nenia on the Death of Orpheus $44.92
Night's Black Bird HPS1430 (Hawkes Pocket Scores series) $18.97
Night's Black Bird/The Shadow of Night/The Cry of Anubis (NMC Audio CD) $20.18
Nomos $38.91

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Oboe Quartet - Set Of Parts $30.35
Oboe Quartet HPS1482 (Hawkes Pocket Scores series) $15.17
On the Sheer Threshold of the Night  $34.10
Ostinato with Melody for Piano solo $16.44

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Panic HPS1304 (Hawkes Pocket Scores series) $43.01
Précis - piano $12.64
Prologue $41.12
Pulse Sampler $46.18
Pulse Shadows HPS1302 HPS1302 (Hawkes Pocket Scores series) $41.74
Punch & Judy Vocal Score $149.24
Punch and Judy (NMC Audio 2CD) $20.23

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Refrains & Choruses $53.78
Refrains And Choruses $32.27
Ring a Dumb Carillon $37.33

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Sadness of Komachi for Tenor & Prepared Piano $18.97
Saraband: The King's Farewell $12.64
Secret Theatre (Full Score) $139.18
Secret Theatre/Silbury Air/Carmen Arcadiae Mechanicae Perpetuum (NMC Audio CD) $11.38
Shadow of Night HPS1372 (Hawkes Pocket Scores series) $32.89
Silbury Air (Full Score) $113.81
Silbury Air (study score) $34.80
Sonance Severance 2000 HPS1280 (Hawkes Pocket Scores series) $10.11
Songs 1970-2006 (Toccata Classics Audio CD) $20.23$17.20
String Quartet: The Tree of Strings (Set of Parts) $30.35
String Quartet: The Tree of Strings HPS1494 (Hawkes Pocket Scores series) $21.50

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The Corridor (libretto) - Digital Download $2.85
The Fields Of Sorrow  $46.75
The Mask of Orpheus (NMC Audio 3CD box set) $31.62
The Minotaur (Libretto by David Harsent) $15.82
The Minotaur (Opus Arte Blu-Ray Disc) $44.92$38.18
The Minotaur (Opus Arte DVD 2-DVD set) $46.75$39.74
The Triumph of Time; Earth Dances; Panic (Decca Audio CD) $12.64
Theseus Game HPS 1376 (Hawkes Pocket Scores series) $75.91
Three Latin Motets (from The Last Supper) SSATBB $10.11
Today Too Tenor, Flute & Guitar (Score) $12.64
Tombeau - In Memoriam Igor Stravinksy $13.91
Tragoedia $56.88
Trio for Violin Cello & Piano - Score & Parts $24.03
Triumph Of Time - Full Score $69.53

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Verses $29.73
Verses $81.61

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Wild Tracks - A Conversation Diary with Fiona Maddocks $28.47
Words Overheard (Score) $54.72