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5 Negro Spirituals from A Child of Our Time (Mixed Choir) $12.01
5 Spirituals from Child of Our Time (TTBB) $9.33


A Child Of Our Time (CHANDOS Audio CD) $10.02$8.51
A Child of Our Time (LSO Live SACD) $11.82
A Child of Our Time (Naxos Audio CD) $9.28$7.89

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Blue Guitar $16.01
Boyhood's End tenor voice & piano $12.01

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Child Of Our Time (Pocket Score) $45.39
Child of Our Time (Vocal Score) $26.69
Choral Music (Chandos Audio CD) $21.01$17.85
Concerto Double String Orchestra (Eulenburg Miniature Scores) $17.35
Concerto Double String Orchestra Score $33.37
Concerto For Piano $48.06

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Epilogue;Non Nobis Domine SATB  $3.00

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Fantasia on Theme of Corelli (Pocket Score) $13.34

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Hearts Assurance Voice/Pianot $16.01

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In Memoriam Magistri Flute/Cl/String Quartet  $10.67

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King Priam Vocal Score $82.78
King Priam (Arthaus Blu-Ray Disc) $32.04$27.23
King Priam (Chandos Audio 2-disc set) $41.86$35.59
King Priam (Study Score)  $82.78
Knot Garden Vocal Score $56.09
Knot Garden Libretto  $7.34

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Lilliburlero $8.00
Little Music String Orchestra $12.01

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Magnificat & Nunc Dimittis $10.67
Mask Of Time Vocal Score $103.49
Midsummer Marriage (libretto) $10.67
Music Ch/strs/Pianot Vocal Score $9.33

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New Year Suite (Orchestral) $30.71

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Piano Concerto (piano reduction for 2 pianos) $30.70
Piano Concerto No2 Pianos $30.70
Piano Concerto/Fantasia on a Theme of Handel for Piano and Orchestra (Chandos Audio CD) $21.01$17.85
Piano Concerto/Ritual Dances from The Midsummer Marriage (Naxos Audio CD) $7.91$6.72
Piano Sonatas Nos. 1-3 (Naxos Audio CD) $7.91$6.72
Plebs Angelica SSAATTBB $10.67
Praeludium $34.71
Prelude Recitative & Aria (flute, oboe & harpsichord) $20.02
Preludio al Vespro di Monteverdi $9.33

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Ritual Dances (Miniature Score)  $44.05
Rose Lake Full Score $28.71

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Sonata For Four Horns $12.01
Sonata No1 solo piano $16.01
Sonata No2 solo piano (in one movement) $13.34
Sonata No3 solo piano $18.03
Sonata No4 solo piano $22.69
Songs (Hyperion Audio CD) $21.01$17.85
Songs For Achilles tenor voice & guitar $10.67
Songs for Ariel for voice & ensemble (score) $9.33
Songs For Ariel Voice & Piano $8.00
Staatskapelle Dresden vol.25 (Profil Audio CD) $14.02
String Quartet No1 Parts  $45.39
String Quartet No1 Score $20.02
String Quartet No2 (Miniature Score) $20.02
String Quartet No2 Set of Parts $54.74
String Quartet No4 score $20.02
String Quartet No5 (Miniature Score)  $18.03
String Quartet No5 Parts $31.38
String Quartets vol.1 (Naxos Audio CD) $8.00
String Quartets vol.2 (Naxos Audio CD) $8.00$6.80
Suite In D For Birthday Prince Charles (Eulenburg Miniature Scores) $12.01
Symphonies/New Year Suite (Chandos Audio 3-disc set) $20.02$17.01
Symphony No.1 (Pocket Score) $25.36
Symphony No.1/Concerto for Piano and Orchestra (Chandos Audio CD) $21.01$17.85
Symphony No.2 (Pocket Score) $33.37
Symphony No.2/Suite from 'New Year' (Chandos Audio CD) $21.01$17.85
Symphony No.3 Study Score $48.74
Symphony No.4 Pocket Score $44.05
Symphony No.4/Fantasia Concertante on a Theme of Corelli for String Orchestra/Fantasia on a Theme o $21.01$17.85

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Triple Concerto/Concerto for Orchestra (Chandos Audio CD) $21.01$17.85

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Weeping Babe SATB $6.66