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2 Duos Pour Basson Et Violoncelle $20.09
2 Pieces Alto $20.71
2 Pieces For 3 Instruments Score & parts  $26.30
3 Pieces $25.63
3 Pieces $27.63
3 Pieces - Clavecin Et Percussion $38.85
5 Poems By Herrn Keuner $60.26
6 Pieces Partition $117.15


Archipel De Songes $45.24
Autumn $11.01

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Blätter - soprano & string trio $45.70

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Cadences - Pour Les 3 Mvt Du Cto Pour Flute Et Harpe De Mozart $24.42
Chansons Italiennes $35.32
Chant d' automne $54.72
Concert Partition $5.52
Concerto (Score) $29.78
Concerto (Set of Parts) $27.63
Concerto For Cl Full Score $56.78
Concerto For Guitar Ed. 1898 (Full Score) $67.86
Concerto Partition $87.76
Concertos/Chamber Music/Variations on the Theme of Bach´s Chorale Es ist genug/Epitaph for Chamber O $21.79$18.52
Crescendo e Diminuendo $18.70

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Deniss Klav Konz $44.19
D-S-C-H $25.63

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Es Ist Genug Vla/Piano Ed. 1834 $22.09

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Four Poems $69.25

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In Deo Speravit Cor Meum (violin or flute, plus guitar & organ) $59.55

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Les Pleurs-Klagelieder (Full Score) Ue14138 $53.95
Les Soleil Des Incas Z6814 $8.24

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Oboe Trio $68.57
Oda $31.79
Oda (Cl. Piano & Perc.) (Score & Parts)s $34.56

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Paysage Au Clair De Lune $13.25

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Quintet $45.02

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Romantic Music $33.94
Romantic Music (Set of Parts) $43.98

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Saxophone Concerto/Peinture for Orchestra/Sonata for Alto Saxophone and Piano (BIS Audio CD) $21.79$18.52
Sextet (Full Score)  $31.85
Silhouettes Partition Et Materiel $45.24
Solo For Flute $10.60
Solo For Oboe $13.16
Sonata $17.94
Sonata For Alto Sax/cello $30.46
Sonata for flute & harp $27.63
Sonata For Flute And Guitar Ed. 2260 $55.39
Sonata for flute solo $20.71
Sonata For Guitar $31.85
Sonata For Saxophone $73.40
Sonata For Vn/org $44.76
Sonata Violin Ed. 2259 $19.38
Sonate $27.24

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The Sun of Incas (Score) $53.33
The Sun of Incas (Study Score) $21.47
Trio $27.63
Trio $40.98

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Variations On A Theme of Handel  $36.03
Variations On A Theme Of Schubert $38.77
Variations Sur Un Theme De Mozart, Pour 8 Flutes Partition $58.87

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Wind Octet $52.62