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A Short Alleluia SSA $4.91
Against Jealousy (No. 4 from The Hour-Glass) SATB $4.91

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Beautiful Soup (No. 3 from Alice In Wonderland) SSA & piano $2.79
Beautiful Soup SATB & piano $3.51
Blue Towers - wind band (score and parts) $88.36
Blue Towers - wind band (score) $9.81
Blue Towers Full Score $21.03

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Childhood Fables for Grownups - voice & piano $12.61

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Diversions For Orchestral Full Score (Special Import 6-8 week despatch FIRM ORDER ONLY) $37.86
Diversions for Piano $14.73

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Father William - SATB $2.79
Fine Homage A Mozart Piano $7.00

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Have You Seen the White Lily Grow? (No. 2 from The Hour-Glass) SATB $4.91

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Jerboa (No. 2 from McCord's Menagerie) TB $4.91

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Lament (No. 5 from The Hour-Glass) SATB $4.91

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Mole (No. 3 from McCord's Menagerie) TB $4.91
Music For Piano Piano Fin-19 $11.21
Mutability - mezzo-soprano & piano $11.21

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No. 2 Lullaby of the Duchess (from Three Choral Settings from Alice in Wonderland) $2.79

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O Do Not Wanton With Those Eyes (No. 3 from The Hour-Glass) SATB $3.51
O Know to End as to Begin (No. 1 from The Hour-Glass) SATB $4.91
One, Two, Buckle my Shoe (Score & Parts) $29.44

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Partita Wind Quintet Set $35.06
Prelude from Music for Piano (Piano Solo) - Digital Download $3.16

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Romanza Quintet Fin-24 (Special Import 6-8 week despatch FIRM ORDER ONLY) $21.03

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Scherzando: Caroline Million (from The Choral New Yorker) SSAA & piano $3.51
Serious Song HPS1177 (Hawkes Pocket Scores series) $12.61
Sonata Violin & piano (Special Import 6-8 week despatch FIRM ORDER ONLY) $12.61
String Quartet (Score & Parts) Fin-23 $26.64
Symphony No.2 (1962) (Full Score) $60.31

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The Hour-Glass (No. 6 from The Hour-Glass) SATB $4.91
The Knave's Letter SSA & piano $3.51
The White Knight's Song SATB, soprano & piano $2.79
Toccata Concertante Full Score Fsb-500 $66.63
Two Songs - medium voice & piano $12.61

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Victory March of the Elephant Piano (Special Import 6-8 week despatch FIRM ORDER ONLY) $7.00
Vultur Gryphus (No. 1 from McCord's Menagerie) TB $4.91