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5 Bagatelles for Flute & Piano $45.71


A Finzi Anthology (Naxos Audio CD x8) $40.87$34.74
All This Night SATB $6.91

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Before and After Summer Baritone & Piano (Winthrop Rogers Edition of Choral Music for Festivals) $31.85
Best of Finzi (Naxos Audio CD) $9.63$8.18
Brightness Of This Day for SSAATTBB, Baritone & Organ $4.14
By Footpath and Stile Full Score $37.39

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Carol from 'Five Bagatelles' for clarinet - Digital Download $3.46
Carol from Five Bagatelles for Flute and Piano $3.46
Cello Concerto HPS1420 (Hawkes Pocket Scores series) $48.48
Cello Concerto Op 40 (piano reduction for cello & piano with solo part) $29.08
Cello Concerto/Grand Fantasia & Toccata/Eclogue (Naxos Audio CD) $9.63$8.18
Cello Concerto/Violin Concerto/Prelude/Romance (Chandos Audio CD) $11.07$9.41
Choral Works (Chandos Audio CD) $22.86$19.43
Clarinet Concerto Op. 31 for Clarinet & Piano $20.77
Clarinet Concerto Op. 31 HPS956 (Hawkes Pocket Scores series) $29.08
Clarinet Concerto/Five Bagatelles/Three Soliloquies/Romance (Naxos Audio CD) $9.63$8.18
Clear and Gentle Stream SATB $4.14
Collected Songs - high voice & piano $29.08
Collected Songs - medium/low voice & piano $29.08

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Dancing On The Hilltops - choral unison & piano $3.46
Dead In The Cold SS & piano $3.46
Dies Natalis & Intimations (Hyperion Audio CD) $21.79$18.52
Dies Natalis for Voice & Piano $29.08
Dies Natalis Op 8 (Pocket & Study Score) $24.93
Dies Natalis/Farewell to Arms/Two Sonnets (Naxos Audio CD) $9.63$8.18

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Earth & Air & Rain/To a Poet/By Footpath & Stile (English Song vol.15) (Naxos Audio CD) $9.63$8.18
Earth and Air and Rain (Hyperion Dyad Audio CD 2-disc set) $20.77$17.65
Earth, Air and Rain for Baritone Voice & Piano $34.62
Eclogue Op 10 for Piano & String Orchestra (Full Score) $20.77
Eclogue Op 10 for Piano & String Orchestra (Set of Parts) $58.88
Eclogue Op 10 for Piano and String Orchestra (reduction for 2 pianos) $13.84
Elegy for Violin & Piano $13.84

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Fall of the Leaf (Elegy) Op 20 for orchestra (Full Score) $29.08
Farewell To Arms for Voice & Piano $13.84
Fear No More The Heat O' The Sun SATB $4.78
Ferry Me Across The Water SS & piano $3.46
Five Bagatelles (arr. viola & piano) $18.00
Five Bagatelles for Clarinet & Piano $19.38
Five Bagatelles for Clarinet & String Quartet (Full Score) $15.93
Five Bagatelles for Clarinet & String Quartet (Set of String Parts) $29.08
Five Bagatelles Op23a HPS1450 (Hawkes Pocket Score series) $18.00
For St Cecilia (organ reduction) $23.54
For St Cecilia, op. 30 HPS1518 (Hawkes Pocket Scores series) $34.62
For St. Cecilia (vocal score) $13.84
Forlana from 'Five Bagatelles' for clarinet - Digital Download $3.46
Forlana from Five Bagatelles for Flute and Piano $3.46
Fughetta from Five Bagatelles for Flute and Piano $3.46

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God is gone up for SATB & organ $6.23
Grand Fantasia & Toccata (full score) $59.56
Grand Fantasia & Toccata (piano reduction for 2 pianos) $36.01

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Haste On, My Joys! SSATB $5.53

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I Have Loved Flowers That Fade SAT $4.14
I Praise The Tender Flower SATB $6.91
I Said to Love for Voice & Piano $15.93
In Terra Pax - Op39 HPS1454 (Hawkes Pocket Scores series) $22.15
In terra pax (organ reduction) $20.77
In Terra Pax op39 (Christmas Scene) Full Score $20.77
In Terra Pax SATB, soprano, baritone & piano $19.38
In Time Of The Breaking Of Nations for Baritone Solo (Ferguson) $3.74
In Time Of The Breaking Of Nations Med Voice $3.46
In Years Defaced (Vocal Score) $19.38
Interlude $3.46
Interlude for Oboe & Piano $12.46
Interlude for Oboe & String Quartet $56.79
Interlude op. 21 for oboe & string orchestra (score) $16.61
Intimations of Immortality & Dies Natalis (Hyperion Audio CD) $9.01$7.65
Intimations Of Immortality HPS1452 (Hawkes Pocket Scores series) $38.78
Intimations of Immortality SATB, tenor & piano $20.77
Intimations of Immortality/For St Cecilia (Naxos Audio CD) $9.63$8.18
Introit for Violin & Small Orchestra (full score) $18.00
Introit for Violin & Small Orchestra (violin & piano reduction) $12.46
Introit: The Music of Gerald Finzi (Aurora Orchestra) (Decca Classics Audio CD) $22.10
It was a lover and his lass (Digital Download) $3.46

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Let Us Garlands Bring for voice & piano $16.61
Let Us Now Praise Famous Men SATB  $4.85
Let Us Now Praise Famous Men TB & piano $4.14
Linnet in a Gilded Cage SS & piano $3.46
Lo, The Full, Final Sacrifice SATB & organ $15.93
Lo, the Full, Final Sacrifice/Magnificat/Unaccompanied Partsongs, Op. 17 (Naxos Audio CD) $9.63$8.18
Love's Labour's Lost (full score) $62.33
Love's Labour's Lost for Voice & Piano $13.84
Lullaby (SATB) $3.12
Lullaby, Oh Lullaby SS & piano $2.76
Lyric Suite (Wind Band Score & Parts) $69.26
Lyric Suite (Wind Band Score Only) $9.68

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Magnificat SATB & organ $11.07
Margaret Has A Milking Pail SS & piano $3.46
My Lovely One SATB & organ $6.91
My Spirit Sang All Day SATB $2.76

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Nightingales SSATB $6.91
Nocturne (New Year Music) Op. 7 Full Score $22.15

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Oh Fair To See for High Voice & Piano $18.00
Organ Album $21.48

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Prelude & Fugue For String Trio (Score & Parts) $23.54
Prelude For String Orchestra (Full Score) $13.84
Prelude for String Orchestra (score & parts) $49.86
Prelude from Five Bagatelles for Flute and Piano $3.46
Prelude from Requiem da Camera - piano duet $13.84

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Requiem da Camera - organ reduction $18.00
Requiem da Camera (vocal score) (New Edition) $13.84
Requiem da Camera HPS1510 (Hawkes Pocket Scores series) $34.62
Rollicum-Rorum for Voice & Piano $12.46
Romance For String Orchestra Op 11 (Full Score & Set of Parts) $37.39
Romance For String Orchestra Op 11 (Full Score) $15.93
Romance from 5 Bagatelles for Flute & Piano $3.46
Romance op. 11 for string orchestra (new edition score) $15.93
Romance, Elegy and Prelude for string quartet (set of parts) $24.93
Romance, Elegy, and Prelude for string quartet (score) $13.84
Rosy Maiden Winifred SS & piano $2.42

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Seven Poems of Robert Bridges SATB $15.23
Severn Rhapsody (full score) $23.54
Shorter Works for Chorus & Orchestra (HPS 1538) $64.43
Sigh in G $13.84
Songs by Finzi & his friends (Hyperion Audio CD) $9.89$8.41
Songs: I said to Love / Let us Garlands Bring / Before and After Summer (Naxos Audio CD) $9.63$8.18

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Ten Children's Songs SS & piano $16.61
The Lily Has a Smooth Stalk - unison & piano $3.46
The Lily Has A Smooth Stalk (No. 1 from 'Songs to Poems by Christina Rossetti, Op. 1') $3.46
Theme Et Variations Sur "El Cant Dels Ocells" $12.46
There Was A Time (prelude for organ) $3.81
There's Snow On The Fields SS & piano $3.46
Thou Didst Delight My Eyes, Op. 32 TBB $2.76
Three Short Elegies SATB $11.07
Till Earth Outwears for Voice & Piano $22.15
To A Poet for Low Voice & Piano $20.77
Two Sonnets Op. 12 for Tenor (or Soprano) & Piano $19.38

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Violin Concerto for Violin & Piano Reduction $27.70
Violin Concerto HPS1422 (Hawkes Pocket Scores series) $26.31
Violin Concerto/Prelude/Romance/In Years Defaced (Chandos audio CD) $22.86$19.43

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Welcome, Sweet and Sacred Feast SATB & organ $6.91
Wherefore To-night So Full of Care SATB $6.91
White-Flowering Days SATB $6.91
Works for Voice & Orchestra (Hawkes Pocket Score) $40.17

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Young Mans Exhortation for Voice & Piano $27.70
Young Man's Exhortation/Till Earth Outwears/Oh Fair to See (English Song vol.16) (Naxos Audio CD $9.63$8.18