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3 Impromptus for Piano $22.39
6 Catalan Folksongs Valb $10.53
6 Chansons Populaires Francaises $17.12


Albada, Interludi I Dansa HPS957 (Hawkes Pocket Scores series) $15.80
Alegrias (Suite From The Ballet) HPS1186 (Hawkes Pocket Scores series) $19.76

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Cancionero De Pedrell (Full Score)  $36.89
Cantata HPS1142 (Hawkes Pocket Scores series) $46.11
Chaconne $22.39
Complete Piano Music (Marco Polo Audio CD) $13.15$11.18
Concerto for Orchestra/ Symphony No.2 (Chandos Audio CD) $20.73$17.62
Concerto for Piano & Strings (Hawkes Pocket Score) $14.48

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Dances From Don Quixote HPS965 (Hawkes Pocket Scores series) $31.62
Dances From Don Quixote piano $18.44
Don Quixote HPS1147 (Hawkes Pocket Scores series) $34.25
Duenna Vocal Score $89.60

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Fantasia for Guitar Solo $17.12

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Hymnody For Instrumental Ensemble Score $35.52

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Pedrelliana HPS1232 (Hawkes Pocket Scores series) $25.03

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Sonata Cello & Piano $28.01
String Quartet No1 Parts $44.15
Symphony No.1 HPS1188 (Hawkes Pocket Scores series) $36.89
Symphony No.1/Violin Concerto (Chandos Audio CD) $20.73$17.62
Symphony No.3 (Chandos Audio CD) $20.73$17.62
Symphony No.4 Score $59.24

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The Plague (Naive Audio CD) $16.16$13.73
Trio - piano trio (score & parts)  $27.02