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11 songs by John Ireland $9.59
2 Symphonic Studies HPS868 (Hawkes Pocket Scores series) $11.49
4 Carols SATB $5.10
5 Poems By Hardy For Ba $12.14
6 Musical Miniatures No. 1: Valsette $3.20
6 Musical Miniatures No. 2: Scherzo $3.20
6 Musical Miniatures No. 2: Scherzo $1.92
6 Musical Miniatures No. 3: Boat Song $1.92
6 Musical Miniatures No. 3: Boat Song $3.20
6 Musical Miniatures No. 4: Humoreske $3.20
6 Musical Miniatures No. 4: Humoreske $1.92
6 Musical Miniatures No. 5 Country Dance $1.92
6 Musical Miniatures No. 5- Country Dance $3.20
6 Musical Miniatures No. 6: Reverie $3.20
6 Musical Miniatures No. 6: Reverie $1.92
70Th Birthday Concert (LPO Audio CD) $12.14$10.32


A Downland Suite (Chandos Audio CD) $9.59$8.15
A New Year Carol SATB $12.14
Alpine Song $2.49
Amberley Wild Brooks 2 Pieces No2 $6.71
April-2 Pieces No1 $6.07
Aubade $2.54

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Bagatelle for violin & piano $5.10

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Cavatina Arranged for Organ $9.59
Cavatina for Violin/Piano $10.16
Cello Works (Naxos Audio CD) $8.94$7.60
Chelsea Reach piano $6.71
Choral Music vol.2 $5.10
Choral Music vol.3 $5.05
Collected Piano Works Vol. 4 $22.69
Collected Piano Works vol.6 $22.95
Comedy Overture (concert band) $121.44
Complete Works For Voice & Piano vol. $17.83
Complete Works for Voice & Piano Vol. 2 $17.83
Complete Works for Voice & Piano Vol. 4 $17.83
Complete Works for Voice and Piano Vol. 3 $17.83
Concertino Pastorale (String Orchestra Set) $89.48
Concertino Pastorale HPS30 (Hawkes Pocket Scores series) $14.05
Concerto In E Flat (Two Pianos) $48.51
Cost, The $12.14

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Darkened Valley - Piano Solo $6.71
Dowland Suite Brass Band Score $31.32
Downland Suite (concert band) $58.79
Downland Suite (solo cornet Bb part) $3.77
Downland Suite String Orch Score $21.09
Downland Suite String Orch Score & Parts $89.42

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Earth's Call (Somm Audio CD) $14.70$12.50
Elegy (from "A Dowland Suite") concert band $57.52
Elegy and Menuet for piano $5.75
English Song Series vol.18 (Naxos Audio CD) $8.88$7.55
Epic March (concert band) $95.87
Epic March (Wind Band Score) $14.05
Epic March Score & Parts (Gt Band Transcriptions) $98.42
Evening Song (SA) $2.54
Ex Ore Innocentium - choral unison & piano $4.47

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Fantasy Sonata Clarinet $19.16
Forgotten Rite & Mai Dun St Sc Orch $12.14
Forgotten Rite for Piano Duet $16.55

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Greater Love Hath No Man: SATB & Organ $3.77

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Her Song (key: A) $4.47
Her Song (key: F) $4.47
Her Song (key: G) $4.47
Hills, The: SATB $3.39
Holy Boy (Cello & Piano) $12.77
Holy Boy (Flute & Piano) $10.21
Holy Boy (Organ) $12.77
Holy Boy (Piano) $16.61
Holy Boy (String Orchestra Full Score) $16.61
Holy Boy (String Orchestra Set of Parts) $21.72
Holy Boy (Violin & Piano) $19.16
Holy Boy in Ebmaj Low Voice (Piano, Vocal) $5.05
Holy Boy in Ebmaj Low Voice (Piano, Vocal) $14.05
Holy Boy in Fmaj High Voice (Piano, Vocal) $14.05
Hope the Hornblower No.1 in G $12.14
Hope the Hornblower No1 in G $2.88

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I Have Twelve Oxen $2.54
I Have Twelve Oxen in Fmaj for Voice & Piano $17.88
I Have Twelve Oxen in Fmaj for Voice & Piano $2.88
I Have Twelve Oxen in Gmaj for Voice & Piano $2.88
I Have Twelve Oxen in Gmaj for Voice & Piano $12.14
If There Were Dreams To Sell $2.54
If There Were Dreams To Sell $2.54
If there were Dreams to Sell High F $11.49
If there were Dreams to Sell in High F $2.88
If there were Dreams to Sell in Low Db $2.88
If there were Dreams to Sell in Medium Eb $2.88
If there were Dreams to Sell Low Db $11.49
If there were Dreams to Sell Medium Eb $12.77
Island Spell Piano $7.03

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Jubilate Deo (SATB) $3.82

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Land Of Lost Content An $9.27
Legend - Piano & Orchestra (study score) $17.26
Legend - piano solo & reduction $19.81
London Overture HPS16 (Hawkes Pocket Scores series) $15.98
London Pieces No3: 'Soho Forenoons' piano $5.05
Looking On Unison  $2.49

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Magnificat & Nunc Dimittis (Key F - arr. SATB & organ) $3.52
Man In His Labour Rejoiceth SATB & Pf $3.07
Maritime Overture (concert band) $121.44
Music for violin and piano (Hyperion Audio CD) $8.22$6.99
My Song Love Unknown (Naxos Audio CD) $8.31$7.06

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Office Of The Holy Communion (In C) $5.10
Orchestral and Choral Works: Greater Love Hath No Man (Chandos Audio CD) $10.21$8.68
Orchestral Works (Chandos Audio CD) $20.11$17.09
Organ Music of John Ireland $17.83
Organ Works (CPO SACD Super Audio CD)  $19.81$16.84
Overlanders Suite For Orchestra HPS869 (Hawkes Pocket Scores series) $19.16

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Phantasie Piano Trio 1 Score & Parts $17.83
Piano Concerto (Naxos Audio CD) $7.66
Piano Concerto In E Flat (Study Score) $17.83
Piano Concerto/Legend/Mai-Dun (Chandos Audio CD) $16.55$14.07
Piano Trio No. 2 in One Movement (score and parts) $25.57
PIANO TRIO No1 A min Violin /va/Piano score & Parts $16.55
Piano Trios (Naxos Audio CD) $8.88$7.55
Piano Works Book 1 $22.69
Piano Works Book 2 $22.69
Piano Works Book 3: piano $22.69
Piano Works Book 5 - Sonata $16.55
Piano Works vol.1 (Naxos Audio CD) $8.88$7.55
Piano Works vol.2 (Naxos Audio CD) $8.88$7.55
Piano Works vol.3 (Naxos Audio CD) $7.66

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Ragamuffin: piano $12.14

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Sarnia for Piano $38.34
Satyricon (Study Score): O $12.14
Scherzo & Cortege HPS867 (Hawkes Pocket Scores series) $10.21
Sea Fever Amin Voice & piano $5.05
Sea Fever Bar Solo Tbarb: Choral $3.52
Sea Fever Fmin $5.05
Sea Fever Gmin $5.05
Sea Fever in Emin $5.05
See How the Morning Smiles SA $1.92
Sextet Clarinet Trio (Audio CD) $8.88$7.55
Sextet for Clarinet, Horn and String Quartet (miniature score) $61.04
Sextet/Clarinet Trio (Naxos Audio CD) $7.66
Six Musical Minatures - piano $7.54
Sonata (cello & piano) $26.78
Sonata No.2 in A minor - Viola & Piano $33.22
Sonata No1: violin & piano $21.09
Sonata Piano  $14.06
Sonatina Piano Solo $15.98
Songs - high voice and piano $14.05
Songs (8) for upper voices & piano $6.38
Songs (Hyperion Audio CD) $40.07$34.06
Songs Vol.1 (Stone Records Audio CD) $20.44$17.37
Spring Sorrow $2.88
Spring Sorrow $2.54
Spring Sorrow in Ab $12.77
Spring Sorrow in Ab $2.88
Spring Sorrow in Fmaj $2.88
Spring Sorrow in Fmaj $12.77
Spring Unison $2.24
String Quartet No1 In Dmin HPS883 (Hawkes Pocket Scores series) $12.77
String Quartet No1 In Dmin Set $44.73
String Quartet No2 Cmin HPS884 (Hawkes Pocket Scores series) $10.21
String Quartet No2 In Cmin Set $62.62
String Quartets (Naxos Audio CD) $8.88$7.55

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Te Deum Laudamus In F (SATB) $2.54
The Complete Works for Voice and Piano, Volume 5 $17.26
The Cost in C $2.88
The Holy Boy (Piano & Violin) - Digital Download $2.54
The Holy Boy (Piano & Vocal) - Digital Download $2.88
The Holy Boy (Piano Solo) - Digital Download $2.88
The Holy Boy SATB $4.47
These Things Shall Be HPS1252 (Hawkes Pocket Scores series) $25.55
These Things Shall Be SATB, baritone & piano $21.72
They Told Me, Heraclitus for TTBB a cappella $7.03
Three Arthur Symons Songs (Medium Voice) $6.38
Towing Path $6.33
Trio in Dmin for clarinet, cello & piano (score & parts) $48.89
Trio No3 (Score & Parts) $38.34
Two Songs and a Melodrama $6.71
Two Songs Well To The Woods $5.05

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Vexilla Regis full Score Brass & Orgn Pts $61.29
Vexilla Regis SATB Chorus, brass & Org $3.77
Vexilla Regis Vocal Score: Choral SATB $5.05
Violin Sonata No2 in Amin for Violin & Piano $72.85
Violin Sonatas 1&2 (Naxos Audio CD) $7.66$6.51

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Weathers D $3.77