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4 Carols from A Celebration of Christmas (Flexi-Ensemble Series) $30.30


A Parliament of Owls SATB & piano $11.85
A Parliament of Owls SSA & piano $11.85
A Troika? Tidy! from Euphonium Concerto $65.83
Adiemus (SATB divisi & Piano) $3.94
Adiemus (SSATB, recorder & piano) $5.93
Adiemus Collection (for brass quintet) $46.11
Adiemus Colores - Mixed Voices SATB (Vocal Score) $21.07
Adiemus Colores - Vocal Score & CD Bundle $42.09$35.78
Adiemus Colores (Deutsche Grammophon Audio CD) $21.02
Adiemus For Brass (brass band) $56.01
Adiemus I: Songs Of Sanctuary (EMI Audio CD) $14.48
Adiemus I: Songs of Sanctuary (Full Score) $75.11
Adiemus I: Songs of Sanctuary (theme arranged for easy piano) $10.53
Adiemus II: Cantata Mundi (EMI Audio CD) $16.47
Adiemus II: Cantata Mundi (full score) $64.56
Adiemus II: Cantata Mundi (theme arranged for solo keyboard) $6.58
Adiemus II: Cantata Mundi SSA & piano $15.80
Adiemus II: Cantata Mundi SSA & piano (10 pack) $118.60
Adiemus III: Dances of Time SSA, piano & recorder $6.58
Adiemus SSAA & piano - Pack of 10 $138.38
Adiemus SSAA, recorder & piano $5.26
Adiemus Theme from 'Songs of Sanctuary' $2.97
Adiemus V: Vocalise SSA & piano $9.21
Adiemus Variations (for string quartet) $22.39
Adiemus: Songs of Sanctuary (vocal score) $15.80
Agnus Dei (from Motets) $3.94
And the Mother did weep (from Motets) $4.61
Armed Man - A Mass for Peace (EMI Audio CD) $16.47
Armed Man A Mass for Peace - Vocal Score & CD Bundle $37.55$31.91
Armed Man A Mass for Peace 10th Anniversary Edition (Full Score) $86.97
Armed Man A Mass for Peace/For The Fallen Special Edition (EMI Audio CD + DVD) $30.89
Aspects of Adiemus - Brass Band $98.78
Ave Maria (from Motets) $3.94
Ave Verum (from "Stabat Mater") $9.21
Ave verum corpus (from Motets) $3.94
Ave Verum from Stabat Mater - Cornet & Brass Band $46.79

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Barocco No.1 for saxophone quartet $27.66
Benedictus - SATB $4.61
Benedictus (from "The Armed Man A Mass for Peace") for voice & piano $7.89
Benedictus (from Motets) $3.94
Benedictus (from The Armed Man) for solo euphonium & brass band (score & parts) $47.38
Benedictus (from 'The Armed Man: A Mass For Peace') (TTBB Voices) (Digital Sheet Music - 30 Copies) $19.77
Benedictus: Piano Duet $9.21
Boogie Woogie Llanoogie (solo piano) $7.89

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Cantata Memoria (Deutsche Grammophon Audio CD) $21.02
Cantata Memoria (Vocal Score) $16.47
Cantate Domino (from Motets) $3.94
Cantilena from 'Adiemus' for trumpet - Digital Download $2.97
Cantilena SATB & piano $6.58
Cantilena SSA & piano $3.94
Cantus Insolitus from 'Adiemus: Songs of Sanctuary' $2.97
Celebration of Christmas (ensemble pack) $40.84
Celebration Of Christmas SATB & piano $14.48
Celebration Of Christmas SATB & piano (10 pack) $105.42
Celebration Of Christmas SSA & piano $14.48
Celebration Of Christmas SSA & piano $105.42
Chatterbox! (Violin & Piano) $14.48
Chorale: Cantilena (SATB with divisi & Piano) $2.62
Chorale: Elegia (SATB divisi & Piano) $2.62
Chorale: Hymn - SATB & Piano $2.62
Chorale: Za Ma Ba (SATB & Piano) $2.62
Chums! for Wind Quintet (full score & parts) $34.25
Come Dancing (Score & Parts) $28.93

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Dewi Sant SATB & piano $17.12
Dona nobis pacem (from Motets) $3.94

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Eloise - An Opera for Young People (choral score) $9.21
Eloise - An Opera for Young People (vocal score) $25.03
Eloise - An Opera for Young People (vocal score) $25.03
Eloise vocal score $53.37
Essential Organ Album $15.80
Etude in blue - Digital Download $2.97
Euphonium Concerto - euphonium & piano $26.34
Euphonium Concerto with Brass Band $98.78
Exsultate, jubilate (from Motets) $4.61

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Fantasia Suites I (viol part) $113.34
Farewell ("Agnus Dei" from "Requiem") SSATB & piano $3.29
For the Fallen - SAATTBB & organ $3.94

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Gaudete (Carol from "Piae Cantiones 1582") SSAATTBB $3.94
Gloria - Vocal Score & CD Bundle $30.96$26.31
Gloria (SATB & piano) $15.80
Gloria/Te Deum (EMI Audio CD) $15.16
God Shall Wipe Away All Tears (from Motets) $3.29
Gods Of Olympus (vocal score) $11.85

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He wishes for the cloths of heaven (score) $7.89
Healing Light (from Motets) $4.61
Hymn - Brass Quartet $29.65
Hymn for brass band (from "Adiemus I: Songs Of Sanctuary") $39.47
Hymn for solo euphonium and brass band (from "Adiemus I: Songs Of Sanctuary") $39.47

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I’ll make music (from Motets) $3.94
In caelum fero (SATB with divisi & Piano) $4.61
In Flanders Fields SATB & organ $5.26
In paradisum (from Motets) $4.61
It Takes Two from Euphonium Concerto $46.06

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Journey: The Best of Adiemus (EMI Audio CD) $14.48
Journey: The Best Of Adiemus (Piano, Vocal, Guitar) $21.07
Joy to the World - Vocal Score & CD Bundle $32.28$27.43
Joy to the World vocal score $14.48
Jubilate Deo (SATB & organ) $6.58

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Karl Jenkins & Adiemus: The Essential Collection (EMI Audio CD) $15.16
Kayama (SATB with divisi & Piano) $3.94

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Lament for the Valley (Violin & Piano) $14.48
Lament from Stabat Mater - Euphonium & Brass Band $44.15
Laudamus te (from Motets) $3.94
Locus iste (from Motets) $3.94
Lullaby - SATB & Piano $4.61
Lullay (from Motets) $3.94

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Madog (piano solo) $14.48
Mara Marakaya - SAB chorus, piano duet (or piano solo) & optional percussion $9.21
Meditation: Peace is (from The Peacemakers) - Digital Download $2.97
Motets - Vocal Score & CD Bundle $42.09$35.78
Motets (Deutsche Grammophon Audio CD) $21.02
Motets (vocal score) $21.07

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Nunc dimittis (from Motets) $3.94

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Over the Stone ("Tros y Garreg") piano reduction plus 2 harp parts $117.95

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Palladio $2.97
Palladio - Brass Quartet $28.33
Palladio (brass band set) $49.42
Palladio (for Brass Quintet) $34.25
Palladio (for piano solo) $13.17
Palladio (full score) $13.17
Palladio (string orchestra score & parts) $82.37
Palladio (string orchestra) $38.21
Palladio (theme for piano) $9.21
Palladio (wind band score & parts) $47.43
Palladio (wind band score) $6.58
Passacaglia for string orchestra (full score and parts) $35.57
Peace, peace! (from Motets) $3.94
Piano Album $13.17
Pie Jesu (from Motets) $3.29
Pie Jesu (SATB & piano) $3.94
Pie Jesu (SSA & piano) $3.29
Pie Jesu (SSA & piano) - Download Licence for 30 Copies $19.77
Praise TTBB & piano $5.26

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Quirk - The Concertos Including Palladio (EMI Audio CD) $15.80

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Rain Dance (from Adiemus III: Dances of Time) (Digital Sheet Music - Choral Licence for 30 copies) $19.77
Requiem - Vocal Score & CD Bundle $36.23$30.79
Requiem (EMI Audio CD) $15.16
Requiem (SATB & piano) $21.07
River Queen (EMI Audio CD) $20.18
Romanza from Euphonium Concerto $39.52
Ryers Down (Flute & Piano) $14.48
Ryers Down (Harp Score) $12.52

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Sacred Songs (SATB & organ) $14.48
Salm O Dewi Sant (from "Adiemus IV: The Eternal Knot") for brass band $48.70
Sarikiz (Violin & Piano) $26.34
Solitude (from The Peacemakers) $2.97
Song of the Plains (SATB with divisi & Piano) $5.26
Song Of The Spirit (from "Adiemus II: Cantata Mundi") brass band set $70.51
Song of the Spirit (SATB & Piano) $3.94
Song: So we'll go no more a-roving $2.97
St Asaph's Dance for harp $11.85
Stabat Mater (EMI Audio CD) $17.79
Stabat Mater (SATB & piano) $21.07
Stella natalis - Vocal Score & CD Bundle $38.86$33.04
Stella natalis / Joy to the World (EMI Audio CD) $17.79
Stella Natalis vocal score $21.07
Still With The Music – The Album $11.20
Still With The Music: Autobiography & CD Bundle $40.13$36.12
Still with the Music: My Autobiography $28.93
String Quartet 2 (Score & Parts) $27.66
Suite from Stabat Mater - Brass Band $86.92
Symphonic Adiemus (Decca Audio CD) $21.02
Symphonic Adiemus (Vocal Score) $19.76
Symphonic Adiemus: Vocal Score & CD Bundle (Save 15%) $40.78$34.66

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Te Deum - Vocal Score & CD Bundle $28.32$24.07
Te Deum (SATB & piano) $13.17
The Armed Man: A Mass for Peace - Selections for brass band (full score) $59.24
The Armed Man: A Mass for Peace - Selections for brass band (parts) $59.24
The Armed Man: A Mass for Peace (Wind Band) $85.65
The Armed Man: A Mass for Peace SATB & piano (Choral Suite) $13.17
The Armed Man: A Mass for Peace SATB & piano (complete) $21.07
The Juggler from Euphonium Concerto $46.06
The Madness Of Morion (organ solo) $8.57
The Peacemakers - Vocal Score & CD Bundle $37.55$31.91
The Peacemakers (EMI Audio CD) $16.47
The Peacemakers (vocal score) $21.07
The Prayer: Laudamus Te (SATB & piano) $2.62
The Shepherd (from Motets) $3.94
The Spirit of the Lord (SSAATTBB & organ) $4.61
The Very Best of Karl Jenkins: 2CD Collection $17.07
This Land of Ours (EMI Audio CD) $15.80
This Land of Ours TTBB & piano $14.48
Three Haikus SSA & piano $3.94
Three Part Fantasias (set of string parts) $33.61
Three Part Fantasias set 1 (string parts) $33.61
Tintinnabulum (SATB with divisi & Piano) $3.94
Two Movements from "Adiemus I: Songs of Sanctuary" (Flexi-Ensemble Series) $32.93
Two Movements From "Adiemus" (Flexi-Ensemble Series) $32.93

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Vocal Album $14.48
Voices (Warner Classics 8-CD Box Set) $35.57

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Zarabanda (SATB with divisi & Piano) $3.94